Asphalt Concrete Plant equipped with Fuel Consumption Monitoring System

Task: organize remote control of the actual fuel consumption of a diesel burner and generator, receive data at the place of operation.

Composition of the monitoring system: two DFM Marine 2000 flow meters, MasterCan Display 35 U, bypass valves and a fuel filter.

Mounting features: crimp mounting kits are used, all system components are placed in special boxes for additional protection against external influences and vandalism.

Estimated payback period of the system: 3 months.

Asphalt concrete plant

A useful case about diesel generators can be viewed at the link.

Mastercan display 35 in special protective box

MasterCAN Display 35 U is installed in the generator system.

MasterCAN Display 35

Data on hourly and total fuel consumption are displayed on the MaterCAN Display 35 U screen.

DFM Marine in the generator system

DFM Marine 2000 Fuel flow meter for heavy equipment

generator fuel system

Fuel system of the generator.

Generator fuel hoses

Fuel hoses.

DFM Marine in special protective box

DFM Marine and MasterCAN Display 35 U are installed in special boxes for additional protection.

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