“Advanced vehicle telematics” Workshop in Belgrade.

Technoton's Workshop in Belgrade On Tuesady 19.02.2019 we had the Workshop in Belgrade, Serbia. That was the first workshop in English from the whole "Advanced Vehicle Telematics" Workshop series. The guests split in three groups: fuel monitoring system integrators for heavy-duty machinery, telematic system providers  for watercrafts/water transport and GPS tracking system integrators, who are [...]

DUT-E 2Bio fuel level sensor – let’s analyse first year on the market.

Almost a year passed as new innovative product was introduced to telematics market - DUT-E 2Bio fuel level sensor with 3rd measuring electrode for monitoring level and volume of fuel in tank. Innovations inside DUT-E 2Bio. 1. Digital temperature sensor placed in the bottom part of measuring tubes. That allows direct measurement of fuel temperature [...]

What does Compatibility Declaration declare?

Integration of peripherals for vehicle telematics - flow and fuel level sensors, CAN readers, analog-to-digital converters, etc. products - is not an easy technical task. Even if the manufacturer of GPS/GSM tracking devices states availability of voltage and frequency inputs or digital ports that does not guarantees proper operation of peripheral telematics sensor. Making sure [...]

Peterburgsky Traktorny Zavod approved installation of DFM flow meters

JSC Peterburgsky Traktorny Zavod (Saint Petersburg tractor plant, hereinafter PTZ) is a part of Kirov Plant group - one of the most reputable and oldest machine-building companies of Russia, established in 1801. Kirov Plant is a pioneer of domestics tractor construction: first tractor were produced in 1924. The plant serially produces 8 modifications of agricultural [...]

New record on DFM fuel flow meters production volumes

In May and June 2018 we’ve beaten our personal best on quantity of DFM fuel flow meters manufactured! 4,000 measuring chambers – in total, 2,600 units of different models of DFM. Many thanks to our customers, who are choosing us as a primary supplier of solutions for fuel consumption monitoring, our sales and technical guys, [...]

Report “Edge / fog computing methods in Vehicle Telematics” from annual conference Navioring

April 25 in Moscow was VIII-th annual conference of manufacturers, integrators and operators of IT-systems for transport management "Navitoring 2018". Representatives of more than 90 companies took part in the conference. Director of Technoton JV Alexander Kapluski spoke at the conference with the report "Edge / fog computing methods in Vehicle Telematics" Edge/fog computing methods [...]

Technoton Events 2017 Digest

In a day-to-day mess one can easily miss interesting and important news from telematics world, so we offer you a brief overview of interesting Technoton events in 2017. New products. In 2017 we’ve introduced several new products: May – DFM Marine fuel flow meter, June – DUT-E 2Bio fuel level sensor for biodiesel; September – [...]

Fuel flow meters in vehicle telematics – profit or headache?

FLS vs. fuel flow meters Fuel consumption monitoring is, probably, the next important task for construction machinery telematics after GPS position tracking. Current situation on telematics market shows, that majority of integration companies offer fuel level sensors (FLS) as a solution of fuel consumption monitoring. The reason is relatively low purchasing and installation costs (100€ […]

Five reasons to use DUT-E fuel level sensor in your telematics system

  You need clear and smooth signal even in harsh operation conditions: unstable power supply, wide temperature fluctuations, vibrations.  You need precise fuel data no matter what weather is outside – frost or hot – efficient temperature correction function will ensure accuracy.  Ambient temperature influence is within 0.3% accuracy range. You need reliability. Fourth generation [...]
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