Installation of flow meters and telematics gateways on the bus fleet

Installation of flow meters and telematics gateways on Iveco buses fleet

Bus Monitoring System includes:

The main tasks that had to be solved by the client:

  • fuel consumption control on the bus,
  • GPS tracking,
  • data transfer to local server via Wi-Fi hotspot.

DFM 250DS7 fuel flow meters and CANUp Pro Wi-Fi  telematics gateways were installed on Iveco buses.

CANUp Pro Wi-Fi telematics gateway is located in the passenger compartment of the bus.

Telematics gateway is in the luggage compartment, above the passenger seats.

Part of the fuel system is only accessible through the bus cabin.

View of the fuel system located in the rear luggage compartment of the vehicle.

Factory fine filter in the bus fuel system.

Disconnecting the fuel line from the filter for connection to the flow meter.

Flow meter is installed at the bottom of the vehicle.

Closer view of DFM 250DS7 wireless fuel flow meter mounted on the bus frame.

Useful bus cases

City bus fuel tank monitoring

Airport buses fuel tank monitoring

Coach bus fuel and GPS monitoring

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