Technoton at the 10th annual conference Navitoring-2021

Technoton took part in the 10th annual conference Navitoring 2021. Exhibition was a long-awaited event for telematics market. Telematics systems providers, developers, manufacturers, wanted this meeting in order to talk alive and discuss new products and trends. Navitoring coped with this task to 100%.

Main topic of exhibition this year is analysis of telematics market and trends of its further development. Most speakers had come to a conclusion that “classical” vehicle and GPS monitoring now are low-margin and telematics systems providers, in the current environment, have to look for new niches.

Technoton speaker at the event − Andrey Gavrosh with presentation “Mastering niche of complex machinery telematics” talked about opportunities, that opens a highly profitable segment – telematics of complex machinery if compared with “classical” vehicle monitoring. He also presented Technoton’s successful cases, advantages of our hardware and devices, and showed tasks, that are solved by industry solutions. And was honored by thanks for illustrative examples and cases.

In addition, Technoton brought new stand “Diesel generator telematics“, which demonstrates solution, based on fuel level sensors, contactless reader and data converters. Genset telematics by Technoton allows monitoring of:

    • fuel consumption and fuel level;
    • operating time and ICE load, parameters of technical liquids;
    • power generated etc.
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Sea and river vessel telematics
Diesel generator monitoring system
Fuel storage tanks
Smart agriculture: granary
Monitoring of mining equipment
Digital drilling rig
Fuel sensor for complex tank
Railroad machinery monitoring
Bus monitoring system
Agricultural machinery
Garbage truck monitoring
Tanker truck monitoring
Truck telematics



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