Technoton at NEVA 2021. Final report

Vessel fuel monitoring system at NEVA 2021

Now, Neva 2021 exhibition has come to an end. Technoton participated in the event on September, 21-24.

An International Maritime Exhibition and Conference NEVA for Commercial Shipping, Shipbuilding, Offshore Energy, Ports, Inland Waterways and Oceanography – is in the industry’s Top-10 Events.

This year, Technoton team has come to Event in order to show both complete vessel monitoring and fuel control solutions for water transport, as well as single devices for vessels, designed to solve tasks, that shipowners are faced with.

Visitors of our booth: representatives of companies-shipowners, Marine diesel mechanics, Marine structural engineers and even IT specialists – have shown great interest in our products.

Top products, Technoton has presented at NEVA 2021

  1. Telematics solutions for monitoring 200+ parameters of ship operation.
  2. Vessel fuel monitoring systems, based on fuel flow meters for small and medium boats, that provide monitoring of up to 45 parameters of fuel consumption and engine operating time.
  3. Smart solution for remote monitoring of 400 operating parameters of diesel generator and genset automation.
  4. DFM single-chamber and differential fuel flow meters for small craft fuel monitoring.
  5. DFM Marine fuel flow meters for large ships, motor vessels, bulk carriers, tankers, float boats and other vessels with large flow rates.
  6. Fuel monitoring solutions for port, construction, railway machinery etc.
  7. DUT-E, DUT-E 2Bio fuel level sensors for stationary and mobile tanks.
  8. Wireless DFM S7 fuel flow meters for small and private fishing and pleasure boats.

Technoton specialists have clearly demonstrated how vessel fuel monitoring system and Genset telematics works with the help of educational trainers. Visitors had the opportunity not only to watch presentations and videos about the advantages of telematics products, but to hold fuel flow metes, fuel level sensors and other hardware in their hands.

Our team also spoke on how vessel telematics helps shipowners and vessel operators to reduce fuel and lubricants expenditures by 30-60% (explore Technoton cases), allows implementing maintenance according to actual condition of vessels and, thereby, extend service life of fuel system.

We are looking forward to meeting you at NEVA 2023!

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