Top tool for fuel level sensor technicians: Automatic Tank Calibration Station

If you are a telematics (GP vehicle tracking) company and offer integrated fuel monitoring solutions, especially those based of fuel level sensors(FLS) installation, then you have to calibrate fuel tanks time and again. Only after high-quality calibration is completed, an operator or a mechanic of the fleet can discover the exact volume of fuel in the tank, the exact volume of fuel filled and drained.

No less than 20 dosed fuel fills are necessary for quality tank calibration. That’s why if you need to calibrate fuel tank of vehicle or stationary unit you can find it’s taking too much time.

Technoton introduces DUT-E ATS-1 Tank Calibration Station – a new tool, which speeds up fuel tank calibration process by 2-3 times and increases labor productivity of technicians.

Automatic Tank Calibration Process

Thinking to do without tank calibration? You won’t get there

Since fuel tanks have different overall dimensions, their volumes are also different. In addition, two externally identical fuel tanks may differ in volume due to internal baffle plates, as well as some tank deformations. Precise fuel volume measurement is possible only after fine-grained tank calibration.

In most cases monitoring system installation and tank calibration process requires:

  • At least two qualified technicians to conduct operations on mounting and electrical connection
  • Measuring container, which is used for filling fuel into a tank
  • 40-60 minutes access to fuel dispensing crane at a gas station

Fuel tank calibration using oilcan or measurer is rather slow and labor-intensive process. But it is more common complaining to gas station due to the difficulty of getting access to the gas station.

The way to optimize fuel tank calibration process

DUT-E ATS-1 automatic calibration station speeds up fuel tank calibration process by 2-3 times. The station pumps fuel from an external tank into the calibrated fuel tank and generates calibration table of 60 points – completely automatically.

The process of tank calibration with DUT-E ATS-1 doesn’t require any human participation. So, all this spare time the technician can spend for cabling, mounting and configuration of GPS vehicle tracker (telematics unit) or for installing other FLS in other fuel tank.

When fuel tank is full, calibration process automatically ends. The one who supports the action can follow calibration using smartphone via Bluetooth through DUT-E S6 Service mobile app.

Top features of DUT-E ATS-1 Automatic Tank Calibration Station

  • Automatic continuous fuel pumping up to complete tank filling
  • Generates calibration table with 60 points completely automatically
  • High veracity: relative calibration error no more than 0,5%
  • Supporting via Bluetooth from Android-based smartphone or tablet
  • Quick attachment of hoses with camlock coupling
  • Automatic shut-off in case pressure/temperature limits are surpassed
  • “Human reliability” is completely excluded
  • Two operation modes: automatic and semi-automatic

* The error value may reach ±1.0 % for tanks of sophisticated shape

 How you will benefit from DUT-E ATS-1 by Technoton? You may:

  1. Quiсkly return a vehicle to the owner and save your client’s time.
  2. Increase workforce productivity of technicians.
  3. Forget the necessity to support calibration process and put to rest “Human reliability” faults.

DUT-E ATS-1 Tank Calibration Station allows telematics companies and fuel monitoring system integrators to increase profits by reducing operating expenses for fuel level sensor installation and giving possibility to install more FLS.

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