Wireless Technoton sensors are compatible with Fort Telecom GPS trackers

Technoton is constantly expanding the list of compatible trackers by conducting tests on the compatibility of fuel sensors with popular GPS trackers. Now all the customers of Fort Telecom can use our telematics hardware and devices: Technoton wireless sensors and fuel flow meters are compatible with FORT-114 tracking device via wireless data transmission Technology – S7.

 Truck monitoring using Technoton BLE sensors and Fort Telecom tracking device

Monitoring solutions, based on FORT-114 tracking device and BLE-sensors: DUT-E S7 fuel level sensor, DFM S7 fuel flow meter, DDE S7 and DP S7 axle load sensors, provide accurate fuel consumption monitoring and reduction of fleet costs.

Wireless sensors greatly simplify the installation process and extend the capabilities of telematics systems. Mounting several BLE sensors – DUT-E, DFM, GNOM with Bluetooth on a single unit is especially actual for trucks and dump trucks, stationary tanks.

Compatibility Declaration of Technoton sensors with trackers by Fort Telecom

Joint compatibility tests resulted in simple and comprehensible instructions for connection and integration, configuration, and work. There is no longer any need to search for additional information – Technoton together with Fort Telecom have presented a simple algorithm on the use of the devices.

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