Workshop in South Africa!

Technoton workshop in South Africa

Technoton is pleased to invite you to take part in “Advanced machinery telematics” workshop,
which will be held on May 30, 2022, in Johannesburg! 🎉

1. Technoton in 2019-2022, overview of product changes. New products for telematics and IIoT.

2. S6 Technology – tool for advanced machinery telematics. Benefits of implementing S6 Technology.

3. S7 Technology – handy Bluetooth-based technology in wireless sensors.

4. Technoton use cases with S6 and S7 Technologies.

5 . Practice – training to create and configure S6-based network of sensors.

You can read more about the workshop here.

Technoton hotel in South Africa

We are waiting for you on May 30, 2022,  Johannesburg! The event will be held in English. Registration is free!

Meeting point – Hotel Premier
187 3rd Road, Halfway Gardens, 1685 Midrand, South Africa

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