Compatibility of Technoton wireless sensors with Ruptela trackers

Technoton is constantly expanding the area of wireless vehicle and complex machinery telematics. At the end of 2020, we have tested the compatibility of Technoton wireless fuel level sensors and wireless axle load sensors with Ruptela trackers via wireless data transfer standard – S7 Technology.

Devices with BLE Technoton can be integrated into telematics system to provide accurate monitoring of fuel volume or axle load control together with Ruptela GPS trackers.

Ruptela is a GPS/GLONASS hardware developer and manufacturer, Ruptela devices are intended for online GPS-tracking. The company started its operation in Lithuania in 2007. For several years branches in Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus and Poland have appeared with expansion geography numbering 100 countries.

Wireless Technoton sensors

Technoton wireless sensors use S7 wireless data transmission Technology, which is based on Bluetooth 4.X specification, and transfer data using “BLE-radio” mode to many devices simultaneously: GPS trackers, smartphones, tablets, in-cabin displays.

GNOM S7 wireless axle load sensors are designed for measuring axle and cargo load, detecting loadings/ unloadings, avoid fines for overloading, prevention of carrying underhand cargo. The main feature of GNOM S7 is quick and easy installation (compared with “classic” axle load sensors with cable), because it does not require spending time for cabling/wiring.

DUT-E S7 wireless fuel level sensor is designed to provide accurate monitoring of fuel volume in a fuel tank, control fuel tank fuelling and draining, prevent fuel theft from fuel tanks of vehicles and stationary units. The absence of wires excludes the risk of ignition of fuel fumes from a disruptive spark.  Explosive safety of the sensor is confirmed by “Explosion protection certificate”.

Compatibility with Ruptela GPS trackers

Complete instructions for setting up the equipment are available for download in the Technoton Center document.

Wireless axle load monitoring based on GNOM S7 sensors and Ruptela GPS trackers

Wireless axle load monitoring by Technoton allows a fleet manager to receive information on current axle load of all vehicles, to monitor the number of cargo loadings and unloadings and detect transportation of underhand cargo.

Installation of a telematics system based on GNOM S7 wireless axle load sensors and Ruptela trackers helps to optimize vehicle loading, reduce maintenance and total costs of truck fleet.

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