Fuel level sensors

Fuel level sensor DUT-E

Fuel level sensor

DUT-E fuel level sensors are used for accurate fuel level and volume measurement in tanks of vehicles and stationary units. DUT-E allows to determine current fuel volume and change in volume (refuelling or draining) of fuel in the tank.

Fuel level sensor DUT-E GSM

Fuel level sensor with in-built GPS and GSM

DUT-E GSM is a combination of FLS and telematics unit features in one body. DUT-E GSM is a fuel level sensor with built-in modules for receiving GPS satellite signals and sending data over GSM network, i.e. wireless data transfer.

Fuel level sensor DUT-E GSM

Fuel level sensor DUT-E 2Bio

Differential fuel level sensor

DUT-E 2Bio is specially designed for fuel tanks, which are regularly filled with different fuel types. This is especially topical for vehicles, which are using biodiesel or travelling through several countries and also for cisterns used for fuel transportation.

Wireless fuel level sensor DUT-E S7

Wireless fuel level sensor

DUT-E S7 has the same purpose of use, as DUT-E with cables, but wireless connectivity makes installation easier and quicker, allows to get data over BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) simultaneously to several devices – telematics unit, smartphones, displays with Bluetooth – and eliminates risk of cable vandalism.

Wireless fuel level sensor DUT-E S7

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