Technical Support

Technical support in installation and configuration of our products, as well as technical training on equipment mounting and setting-up is carried out by Technical department of Technoton.

Technoton Technical department is a team of qualified engineers with extensive experience in installing and configuring complex telematics systems, as well as individual hardware units for vehicle tracking and stationary objects monitoring.

Engineers of Technical department work closely with telematics system providers, GPS tracking companies and large automobile factories, therefore, our engineers have deep knowledge of relevant specialties and issues of installation, configuration and maintenance of telematics hardware.

Technoton Technical department (technical support)

Technical support

Technical support of our customers is a key task for Technical department. If you have not found an answer to your question in our detailed product documentation, technical support is always ready to help you by e-mail, phone and messengers.

Technoton Support Contacts

+ 375 17 240-43-21
e-mail: [email protected]

Working hours:
7:00 — 24:00 (UTC+03:00)

Technical training

Engineers of Technical department conduct corporate technical training on installation and operation of vehicle telematics and stationary object monitoring systems, as well as fuel monitoring systems and its components.

The goal is to provide appropriate knowledge on installation and configuration of Technoton products, and to train telematics companies installers to mount and configure the equipment correctly.

Training on DFM flow meter installation

Technical training on selected products includes theoretical part in Technoton office in Minsk, where the engineers are using multimedia and “Telematics” trainers, and practical part in garage of Belarusian National Agricultural University, where trainees are practicing in installing and setting up Technoton equipment on vehicles. After passing the exam, trained technicians gets certificate proving qualification in telematics hardware installation.

Training is provided in Russian, English, Spanish, French and German. As of 2019, almost 700 technical specialists were trained and received certificates.

Installing DUT-E fuel level sensor

On-site installation supervision

On-site installation supervision is an alternative to technical training. Engineers of the Technical Department come to client’s location, carry out theoretical training for the client’s specialists, then install and configure telematics hardware, commenting each step.

After that, the client’s technical specialists make installation of telematics equipment by themselves under the supervision of our engineers.

By the midyear 2019, Technical Department has conducted more than 320 installation supervisions in different countries of the world. Installation supervision is carried out in Russian or in English.

Online briefing

We strongly recommend you enrolling into technical training or ordering installation supervision. However, if you can not do that for some reason, Technoton Technical department also provides online briefing services.

During online briefing, our engineers are using videoconference to advise client on theory and practice of telematics hardware installation, as well as supervise whole installation process carried out by client’s technical specialists.

Online briefing on telematics system installation

Compatibility of Technoton equipment with telematics and GPS tracking units


Technical Department is constantly engaged in the integration of Technoton hardware with popular models of GPS/GLONASS telematics units and other tracking and recording devices, so that our clients can use all the functionality of hardware made by Technoton.

The result of integration is a compatibility declaration and a detailed instruction for joint use and configuration. The reason why we do it – so that telematics system providers (system integrators) can be sure in correct operation of selected Technoton hardware and the tracking device/telematics units, which are used on a daily basis, and installers and technicians could correctly configure the equipment and save time and efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Technoton equipment for?

Technoton equipment is used in telematics systems for fuel consumption monitoring and operating parameters monitoring of trucks, agricultural machinery, sea and river vessels, railway vehicles, diesel generators, liquid fuel boilers.

The task is to identify filling and drains and control fuel level in the tank. What device is better to use?

Fuel level sensor DUT-E. The most relable way to chose the right model is to contact  the nearest distributor or technoton sales department directly 

The task is fuel consumption monitoring. What device is better to use?

The actual fuel consumption is measured by the DFM fuel flowmeter. The fastest and most reliable way to select the model you need is to contact  Sales Department directly or Distributor in your region.

How to install and set DUT-Efuel level sensor / fuel flow meter DFM?

For correct installation and setting we recommend to attend special Technoton educational program for installers (theory and practice of installation)) or distance course provided  by Tecnoton Technical department. The alternative way is supervised installation that includes visit of Technoton specialists and conducting an exemplary installation with comments and explanations.

How to connect Technoton equipment to the Galileosky / Teltonika / other terminal?

List of tracking device compatible with Technoton equipment is available here. The operation manuals and detailed setup instructions are available in the document center.

What should I do if I'm having trouble installing, configuring, or using it?

Please refer to the “Diagnostics and Troubleshooting” section of the Operation manual that available from Technoton Document Center.  In case of  unsolved problem contact Technoton technical support.

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