Warranty and post-warranty repair of products are carried out by Regional Service Centers (RSC).

Warranty and post-warranty repair of products are carried out by Regional Service Centers (RSC).


Before sending equipment to the regional service centers we recommend contacting Technical Support for receiving consultation on sensor’s technical condition.

RSC Minsk

The leading service center – RSC “Minsk” – develops instructions for repairing equipment, accumulates information about quantity and reasons of breaking (this is the most important function of the quality management system), supplies spare parts to other RSCs.

Contacts RSC “Minsk”: Minsk district, Novodvorski v/c 40/1-1, Belarus, 223060,
tel. +375 17 240-42-73, [email protected]

GPS coordinates : 53.862537, 27.686368 (map)

Regional SC




Adress Contacts
Technoton Baltic SIA (main service center)
Zemitana street 9A, Riga, Latvia, LV1012 +371 29355294
[email protected]
Wagencontrol s.r.o.  (contact place for sending goods to service) Holečkova 777/39, 150 00 Prague, Czech Republic +420 777 760 480
e-mail: [email protected]
Skype: wagencontrol



Adress Contacts


ul. Bieszczadzka 21, 71-042 Szczecin, Poland +48 91 489 22 25
[email protected]



Adress Contacts
Mekongwave Ltd.


48 Bac Ai Street, Tan Thanh Ward, District Tan Phu, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam +84 903664871
+84 862885138
[email protected]

Company Adress Contacts
Tracking and Monitoring Tech 20-24 Ozumba Mbadiwe Victoria Island Lagos Phone +2349155575777
Email [email protected]

Warranty terms and conditions

For a warranty service please fill in the RMA application form and e-mail it to the regional service center or Minsk service center.  Certificate of Damage

The warranty is not applicable to the products, which have:

— mechanical damages (including accidental) resulting from non-observance of the rules of transportation,
storage and operation described in the Operation Manual for a specific Product;

— damaged seals and / or special labels;

—  damages resulting from the use of non-original spare parts, as well as carried out maintenance,
repair or modification of equipment by individuals or organizations that do not have a license from the Service Center;

— traces of electrical and / or other damage resulting from unacceptable changes in the parameters of the external electrical network;

— damages caused by the use of incompatible or incorrectly connected additional devices, buses, interfaces, sensors and adapters;

— traces of oxidation on internal parts or other signs of moisture ingress into the device case;

— damages due to ingress of foreign objects, corrosive liquids, insects;

— damages caused by high temperature or microwave exposure;

— damages caused by household factors, the elements, fire, sudden accidents, accidental external factors;

— damages caused by attempts to configure hardware by third-party software;

— GSM modem and not performing the required functions due to a malfunction of SIM-card used in the device or  blocked services;

— all signs of normal operation (malfunction is not detected by a service center).



Warranty period from the production date*
DUT-E fuel level sensor 36 months
DUT-E S7 fuel level sensor 24 months
DUT-E GSM, DUT-E 2Bio fuel level sensors 24 months
DFM, DFM D fuel flow meters 36 months
DFM Marine, DFM S7 fuel flow meters 24 months
Crocodile contactless readers 60 months
CrocoLITE contactless reader 24 months
CANUp telematics gateways 24 months
MasterCAN DAC, MasterCAN data converters 60 months
MasterCAN Tool CANbus simulator-analyzer 24 months
S6 SK, S6 SK BT service adapters 24 months
“Telematics” educational trainers 24 months, warranty does not cover natural wear and tear
of components like lamps, sealings, ties, hoses, buttons, levers, accumulators.

* Warranty terms are indicated for reference, exact service life is indicated in the Passport, which is included in the delivery of each unit.

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