Fuel sensor for complex tank

Accurate and reliable fuel volume sensor for vehicles

Fuel tank of buses, tractors, combines, loaders and other special equipment has a complex shape with “pockets”, ledges, steps. Complex shape of tank obstruct easy installation of regular lever sensor used in mass production of automotive engineering. Standard float gauges need to be modified to minimize blind spots it’s a time consuming and costly process that pays off only for large production volumes.

Capacitive fuel level sensor DUT-E is a profitable alternative to regular lever fuel sensor. DUT-E has no moving parts and is suitable for any shape of tanks and especially convenient for small-scale production of buses and automotive engineering. The accuracy of DUT-E level sensor is higher than lever (float) sensor. Measurement error of DUT-E is less than 1%. DUT-E can have a standard CAN j1939 interface, serial or analog / frequency output, also can control the fuel gauge on the dashboard.

DUT-E fuel level sensor in a complex tank


High accuracy of volume measurement regardless of tank shape.

Fuel volume data sending to analog or digital dashboard of vehicle.

Thermal stability – data is not dependent on ambient temperature.

Displaying fuel volume in percentage (FMS-message) and in liters.


Signal filtration of fuel fluctuations in motion.

Output signal



CAN j1939/S6 interface: per SAE J1939 standard

Principle of operation



Analog/frequency signal: 1.0-9.0V / 500-1500 Hz

Measurement error

<1% of fuel volume*

Power supply voltage

10 .. 45 V

Operation temperature

–40 .. +85 °С

Protection against conductive interference

ISO 7637-2:2011

*At rest

The sensor is supplied in agreed configuration:

1 Type of connector of output signal cable

2 Length of output signal cable

3 Length of sensor

4 Tank calibration table according to 3d-model of tank from AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA and other CAD softwares

DUT-E overall size

Usage cases

Installing DUT-E fuel level sensor on buses

Bus manufacturer, Slovenia

Task: fuel volume control.

Solution: special design of DUT-E fuel level sensors.

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