Remote technical monitoring of locomotives


Remote technical monitoring of locomotives



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    Fuel theft prevention

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    Engine hours monitoring by operation mode

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    Online monitoring of fuel volume, fill-ups and draining

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    Online monitoring of fuel consumption by operation mode

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    Engine failure detection

Railroad telematics system is used for remote monitoring of operational parameters of locomotives and railway machinery: fuel consumption measurement, fuel tank fill-up and draining detection, monitoring of remaining fuel volume in tank; recording total operation time of each engine (genset) in “Heating up” and “Optimal” work modes; diagnostics of engine’s error codes and malfunctions, condition of fuel system and other units of the machinery.

Monitoring of railroad machinery allows to adjust fuel consumption quotas, prevent fuel theft from tanks and fuel lines, reduce unproductive and excessive fuel consumption, schedule refueling of locomotive’s fuel tanks.
Remote diagnostics of engine (engines) provides opportunity of implementing predictive maintenance approach, which means carrying out technical maintenance of machinery “just in time: repair of fuel system and other equipment, replacement of fuel filters, engine oil and other consumables taking in account real wear out.

Events, parameters and reports

Parameter monitoring

  • Fuel consumption and operation time of main and reserve gensets in various operation modes – warming-up, normal load mode.
  • Accurate volume and temperature of fuel in main and feed tanks, also total volume of fuel.
  • Data from standard CAN bus and CAN j1939/S6 interface – temperature, level and pressure of liquids.
  • Mileage between current maintenance.
  • Onboard power supply voltage
  • Engine operating time in “Tampering”/“Interference” mode

Event detection

  • Drain/Fillings of fuel, genset start/stop.
  • Fuel consumption tampering, engine failures and malfunctions.
  • Event notification via SMS and e-mail.

Used products

DFM Marine fuel flow Meter

CAN UP Online telematics gateway

DFM Fuel Flowmeter

CAN j1939/S6 display

Fuel level sensor DUT-E


Customer: Railroad track
Task: Fuel consumption monitoring
Machinery: Track machines with diesel engines
Solution: DFM fuel flow meter and offline terminal
Result: 20 % fuel consumption economy on track machines, 10 % productivity improvement of machinery


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