CAN bus tools

CAN bus display

CAN bus display

MasterCAN Display 35 is designed for visual monitoring of machinery operation parameters from CAN bus and ISOBUS, also from additional CAN j1939 and analog sensors used in vehicle telematics or stationary object monitoring system.

MasterCAN data converter

MasterCAN data converters

Role of MasterCAN data converter within vehicle telematics system – filtering out excess messages, collecting and converting useful information for vehicle telematics: instant and trip fuel consumption, total fuel consumption, RPM, fuel level, engine temperature, oil pressure, etc.

MasterCAN data converter

J1939 i/o module MasterCAN DAC

MasterCAN DAC J1939 i/o module

MasterCAN DAC15 – is smart tool for GPS/GLONASS vehicle monitoring systems, where analogue on-board equipment is used along with digital CAN/S6 equipment.

CAN bus analyser – simulator

CAN bus analyzer-simulator

MasterCAN Tool is a unique CAN bus (SAE J1939) simulator-analyzer.
This powerful hardware-software analytical tool is indispensable for developers and quality assurance specialists for creating, debugging, and testing the equipment and software designed to be integrated in CAN bus.

CAN bus analyser – simulator

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