Дилерская программа Технотон
Technoton Dealer Program

Technoton Dealer Program

Take advantage of new telematics segment

Advanced machinery telematics (or telematics of complex machinery) – fast-growing and relatively free from competition segment of vehicle and stationary machinery telematics market. High profitability of the segment is explained by complexity of monitored objects and lack of supply – telematics system providers are required to use reliable on-board equipment and advanced data processing technologies.

Technoton products and solutions are specially designed for complex machinery. Our products are employing unique in-house developed technologies for gathering accurate and trustworthy information on machinery operation. Technoton telematics system helps machinery owners and operators to increase efficiency of vehicles and equipment:

  • make cost accounting transparent,
  • prevent fuel theft and reduce fuel costs
  • reduce machinery downtime
  • optimize maintenance schedule, decrease repair costs
  • supervise compliance with the rules and regulations of the company.

Technoton telematics solutions

Dealer’s profit in complex machinery telematics

Dealer of telematics system advises to owners and operators of machinery, selects and installs applicable on-board equipment on the machinery, adapts reports in telematics service to the needs of a particular machinery fleet and provides post-sale customer service.

Technoton Dealer earns margin on sales and installation of the hardware, also receives a monthly subscription fee from customers.

Profit from the hardware
Profit from installation services
Profit from monthly fees

Components of Technoton Dealer Program

Well-known recognizable brand

We create and develop telematics and fuel monitoring hardware since year 2000. Technoton products and solutions are trusted by over 500 telematics system providers, automotive electronics manufacturers and large machinery fleets in 150 countries, including Bosch, ZF, Transics, Isuzu, THIESS, MAZ, KamAZ, Russian railways, Rosneft.

Technoton quality management system is certified for compliance with ISO 9001:2015, products meet requirements of automotive industry and has metrological certificates.

Unique technologies

S6 – Technology of combining smart sensors and other IoT devices within one wired network for monitoring of complex mobile and stationary objects.

S7 -Technology for wireless collection of data from autonomous sensors within telematics systems. Employs Bluetooth 4.X Low Energy (BLE) as a communication channel.

IoT Burger – Technology of creating smart sensors and complex telematics IIoT devices operating in real time with built-in analytic features.

Special Dealer Discount

Cooperation of Technoton and a Dealer is built on mutual benefit. A Dealer receives a special discount on the hardware and the online telematics server, so Dealer can always pre-calculate profit from a particular project.

Special discount allows Dealer to offer Technoton products to customers at factory prices.

Exclusive rights in region / industry, redirection of customers

  • after signing agreement, we will “bind” the region or industry to the Dealer
  • when customer inquiry from region/industry is received – Technoton will redirect the inquiry to Dealer
  • Dealer’s projects are protected from internal competition by recording customer inquiry in CRM
  • if Dealer participates in tenders – we help with technical and commercial paperwork

Technical support and training

We will train technical and commercial specialists of Dealer, and will further provide technical support and advise on the selection and configuration of hardware. If necessary, Technoton engineers will come to Dealer’s location and supervise installation of telematics system on machinery.

After signing Dealer agreement, Dealer’s specialists will go through 5 days of theoretical and practical training and will get necessary skills for installing the telematics equipment. Training takes place in Technoton’s training center and “in field” with machinery.

Marketing support

Helping Dealer with marketing and promotion – is a part of Technoton Dealer Program:

  • helping with creating and promotion of Dealer’s web-pages
  • assisting in scheduling and organizing exhibitions and workshops
  • taking part in exhibitions/workshops/conferences together with Dealer
  • providing offset of expenses for Dealer’s marketing, advertisement and promotional online and offline activities
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