Wireless Sensor Technology in Telematics

Wireless Sensor Technology in Telematics

S7 — is a Technology for wireless data collection from autonomous sensors used in industrial and automotive telematics systems. S7 Technology is used in vehicle telematics (vehicle tracking) and stationary object monitoring systems. Parameters and Events measured with autonomous sensors are sent to terminal unit (telamatics unit/tracker), smartphone, tablet, display and other S7-compatible devices.

S7 Technology for wireless data collection employs Bluetooth 4.X Low Energy (BLE) standard as a communication channel for data transfer. S7 Technology ensures very low power consumption and long autonomous lifetime of smart sensors and IoT devices.

Advantages of S7 Technology:

  • Quick installation and set up of telematics sensors.
  • Easy mounting of telematics/monitoring system without cabling.
  • Increased resistance to vandalism, no cable – no possible damage to wires.
  • Explosion- and fire-safety of sensor, powered by built-in battery only.
  • Multi-point data transfer – BLE-radio (advertising) operation mode allows to get data by multiple receivers simultaneously.


S7 wireless sensors in telematics

Device types

Several devices operating on S7 Technology within the same object compose S7 wireless network. There are two types of devices in S7 wireless network: Transmitters and Receivers. Each Transmitter has a unique address, so the Receivers can be configured to get data only from the specific devices within S7 wireless network.

Transmitters operate in “advertising” mode (BLE radio) and continuously transmit measurement results (data) to Receivers. Transmitters send data to Receivers without pairing – that grants zero risk of session break (disconnection) or establishing connection with “wrong” Transmitter. In addition, BLE radio operation mode allows different Receivers simultaneously receive data from one Transmitter.



There is a built-in battery inside each Transmitter, what means they can operate without external power supply. Data transmission frequency varies from 1 to 10 seconds depending on wireless sensor type.

Autonomous Wireless Sensors based on S7 Technology:



Receiver stores the settings of all Transmitters (S7 wireless sensors), from which it should receive the data. Receiver analyzes received data and sends it to telematics/monitoring server or directly to a user via SMS / e-mail.

Receivers for getting data from S7 Technology wireless sensors:

  • CANUp 27 Pro – telematics gateway with on-board data analysis
  • Android/iPhone OS smartphones/tablets supporting Bluetooth 4.1 and above (BLE)
  • S7-compliant telematics units and vehicle trackers (more)

Mobile application for Android/iPhone OS

Available for download from Google Play. Apps are used for configuring and displaying data from S7 Technology wireless sensors (Transmitters) and can also be used by drivers or machinery operators to see current operation parameters: fuel level, fuel volume, fuel temperature, fuel consumption, engine (pump) operation time etc.

“Fuel Tank Monitor” app is additionally used for checking fuel tank fill-up volume (“Refilling” Event) and as a “night watch” for detecting and alarming on fuel theft from tank (“Draining” Event).

Mobile application for BLE sensors

Compatible terminals

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