Accessories for telematics and fuel monitoring systems

Power timer S6 PT-01

Power timer S6 PT-01

Power timer is designed to ensure the stable operation of the elements of Telematic system at the moments of switching on / off the engine.

Advantages of S6 PT-01:

Continuous operation of Telematics system in 24/7 mode while power supply from onboard network is switched off

Efficient protection of telematics sensors against influence of conductive interference and short circuits in onboard electrical network of vehicle

Long-term operation of telematics sensors while ignition is turned off and without a need of battery recharge

Automatic Tank Calibration Station

Automatic Tank Calibration Station

DUT-E ATS-1 Tank Calibration Station is made for automatic calibration of fuel tanks of vehicles as well as stationary fuel tanks/cisterns up to 3,000 liters, where fuel level sensor is installed. The station is controlled via Bluetooth from Android-based smartphone or tablet. Automatic calibration station speeds up fuel tank calibration process by 2-3 times and provides higher accuracy of fuel tank calibration.


Continuous filling of liquid provides higher accuracy of fuel tank calibration;

Automatic shut-off in case pressure/temperature limits are surpassed.

Quick coupling hoses fittings – camlock;

Automatic Tank Calibration Station

S6 service adapters

S6 service adapters

S6 service adapters are designed for adjustment, data exchange, Counters checkout, diagnostics of DUT-E fuel level sensors, DFM fuel flow meters, and other Technoton products by the use of cables and also in wireless way.

Main features:

  • power supply from on-board network – no additional power supplies are required
  • universal for connecting any S6-compatible device
  • all units connected via S6 interface can be configured from any point of network – no need to reconnect to each separately
  • possibility of “hot” connection via S6 technology – no need to disconnect onboard power network

Монтажный комплект MK DFM

Mounting kits MK DFM

The Mounting Kits are designed to connect the Fuel Flow Meters DFM to the engine fuel system using pipes 8 and 10 mm in diameter.

Particular features:

  •  material – steel;
  •  manufacturing technology – hot pressing;
  •  coating – zink;
  •  increased flow passage;
  •  no agnails and cutting;
  •  nipples, valves, screws of the banjo have bores for sealing.

Монтажный комплект MK DFM

Fuel supply automation unit

Fuel supply automation unit

DUT-E SAU fuel supply automation unit is a device for automatic switching on and off of fuel system pump of diesel generators, boilers, heating and refrigeration systems.

Mainly, DUT-E SAU is used in remote monitoring systems of diesel generators for automating fuel supply from a reserve tank to the main tank.

DFM DA deaerator

The deaerator extracts air from diesel engines fuel system. Increases the accuracy of fuel consumption monitoring systems based on flow meters. Capacity up to 1000 l/h, degree of deaeration up to 100%.

Additionally, DFM DA deaerator helps eliminate “dry” wear of fuel pumps, ensure uniform engine operation and reduce an amount of exhaust gases.

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