Additional section DUT-E fuel level sensor

Additional section DUТ-E



Additional section DUТ-E is designed to increase the length of fuel level sensors measuring part including shortened ones.

We offer the following models: KDC 250, KDC 500, KDC 1000.

  • Allows lengthen of fuel level sensors up to 6000 mm;
  • Reliable joint guarantees the quality signal;
  • Reduces the cost of delivery.
DUT-E, DUT-E GSM, DUT-E 2Bio length increasing

It is possible to increse the length both shortened ones and new sensors. It is possible to increase the length of these sensors to any length including more than nominal. The maximum length of DUТ-E with additional sections should not exceed 6000 mm.

It is necessary to calibrate DUТ-E using Service kit DUТ-E after length increasing or shortening but before the tank calibration.

Example 1: DUТ-E 2Bio L=1000 mm has been shortened till the length of 800 mm. It is necessary to install it into a tank of 900 mm depth. We have to increase the length of DUТ-E 232 with additional section KDC 250 to the length of 1050 mm (800+250=1050 mm) and cut 150 mm.

Example 2: It is necessary to equip a tank of 1900 mm depth. DUТ-E 232 L=1000 mm to be extended by additional section KDC 1000, then cut 100 mm.

Example 3:
 It is necessary to equip a tank of 4400 mm depth. DUТ-E GSM L=1000 mm has to be extended by 3 sections KDC 1000 and 1 section KDC 500, then cut 100 mm.

Length increasing

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