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Software Product Notation
Service DUТ-E v3.26 DUT-E AF, DUT-E 232, DUT-E 485, DUT-E CAN
ServiceS6 DUT-E v.6.05 DUT-E 2Bio CAN, DUT-E CAN, DUT-E GSM, DUT-E AF DUT-E CAN and DUT-E GSM – for sensors produced after 1st November 2017
DUT-E AF – only for sensors whose serial number starts from 05
Service S6 DFM v.2.07 DFM A232, DFM A485, DFM ACAN, DFM C232, DFM C485, DFM CCAN, DFM D232, DFM D485, DFM DCAN, DFM AK, DFM CK, DFM DK * produced after January 2016
Service DFM v.4.1 DFM AK/CK/D with three-pin connector and DFM i produced before January 2016
Service MasterCAN v.3.2 MasterCAN V-GATE, MasterCAN C 232/485, MasterCAN CC, MasterCAN Diagnostic,
ServiceS6 MasterCAN v.3.31 MasterCAN Display35, MasterCAN DAC15, MasterCAN DAC2113, MasterCAN RS2CAN, MasterCAN CAN2RS, MasterCAN P2CAN
Service CANUp  v. 6.04 CANUp 27 Standard, Pro 3G,  Pro LTE, Pro Wi-Fi.
ServiceOffline v1.2.10 CKPT offline
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