Fuel level sensor with GSM and GPS


Fuel level sensor with GSM and GPS

DUT-E GSM is a 2-in-1 device – fuel level sensor and GPS tracker in one body. It allows fuel level measurement and GPS position tracking of trucks and other road or off-road vehicles. The sensor is also used for fuel monitoring of diesel generators and stationary cisterns/tanks.  Fuel tank monitoring based on DUT-E GSM is deployed quicker than regular telematics system – just one device is installed. Configuration of DUT-E GSM fuel sensor is possible via the Internet.

Data on fuel level, fuel volume, GPS coordinates and other operational parameters of machinery are sent to online telematics server or straight to a user (e-mail, SMS) over GSM network .
DUT-E GSM automatically detects and alerts fleet manager on fuel tank fill-up and fuel draining volumes. Since DUT-E GSM is an online fuel level sensor – it is a good solution for fuel-related IoT projects like smart building, smart factory, etc.

GPS / GLONASS vehicle monitoring


 Fuel tank monitoring: volume, refilling, draining
Fuel theft detection
Fuel usage monitoring
GPS tracking

Advantages of DUT-E GSM

Built-in GPS-receiver and GSM-modem

DUT-E GSM allows fuel tank volume measurement and real-time satellite position tracking over GPS and GLONASS. Data are transmitted to the Internet via GSM cellular network. DUT-E GSM – out-of-the-box hardware solution for fuel monitoring and vehicle location tracking.


Remote configuration via the Internet

DUT-E GSM settings can be adjusted locally during fuel level sensor installation or remotely over the Internet. Technical support specialist can change settings from the office, without any physical contact with the sensor and without a need of asking fleet operator to stop the vehicle, where sensor is installed.


Recognizing Events and sending ready-to-use Reports

DUT-E GSM generates up to 20 different ready-to-use analytical Reports, containing fuel volume data, vehicle location, speed, direction of movement, etc. Reports are generated regularly (from 10 s to 24 h) or upon Event recognition. Event is a situation when operating parameter changes, e.g. engine start/stop, tank refilling, fuel theft from tank, speeding, etc.


Operation without a server

DUT-E GSM can work without a telematics server, since Reports are sent directly to user via SMS and e-mail. This feature is especially useful for stationary machinery owners, who do no need GPS position, but require wireless fuel data transfer.

Connecting other sensors via the CAN J1939/S6 interface


The presence of  S6 interface allows DUT-E GSM to operate as part of Telematics interface and sum up to 7 pieces of DUT-E CAN or DUT-E 2Bio CAN, and 8 pieces DFM CAN, FMSCrocodile, GNOM DP or  DDE.  This is very convenient for operation  monitoring of complex technological objects and stationary units. In this case DUT-E GSM records and processes the data for further transmission to the telematics Server. Server software processes and analyzes the received data to generate Analytical reports for a selected period of time

Location Monitoring

DUT-E GSM determines unit location, movement speed and direction in real time  through GNSS signals. Location data transfers to Server via 2G/3G technology.

Location control

DUT-E GSM report sample

Working principle   capacitive
Measurement inaccuracy, %, not more than   1 for moving vehicles
Maximum allowed trimming of probe   to any length*
Can be extended up to maximum length, mm, not more than    6000 мм
Data transfer protocol to Server   Wialon IPS v.2.0.
Availability time after power-up, seconds,
not more than
Reports number that can be stored in buffer memory (factory settings of reports), not less than   50 000
Average current consumption at supply voltage 12/24V, mA, not more than   75/35
Maximal current consumption at supply voltage 12/24 V, mA, not more than   200/100
Power supply voltage range, V   from 10 to 45


* Calibration is required after the cut.

Отображение данных

ORF 4 vehicle monitoring web-server provides the best accuracy of reports on movement tracking and fuel consumption monitoring.

Example of the ORF 4 analytical report obtained from DUT-E GSM data:

Example of the ORF 4 analytical report obtained from DUT-E GSM data

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