Five reasons to use DUT-E fuel level sensor in your telematics system


  1. You need clear and smooth signal even in harsh operation conditions: unstable power supply, wide temperature fluctuations, vibrations. 
  2. You need precise fuel data no matter what weather is outside – frost or hot – efficient temperature correction function will ensure accuracy.  Ambient temperature influence is within 0.3% accuracy range.
  3. You need reliability. Fourth generation of DUT-E fuel level sensors and ISO 9001 certification of our manufacturing facilities provides failure rate below 0.2%.
  4. Regular just in time deliveries is what you need – from warehouses in Russia, European Union, Asia.
  5. You want fair price and clear discount policy. Note: discounts you get for DUT-E fuel level sensors are also applicable to all other Technoton products –  DFM and DFM Marine fuel flow meters, Crocodile contactless readers of CANbus and J1708 bus, CANUp telematics gateway, GNOM axle load sensors, MasterCAN vehicle data interfaces and other product lines.

To make sure of our quality, we offer you to order samples in “money back guarantee” conditions – contact us for more information.


Note: this article was moved from older version of Technoton website. Stated data (quantities, prices, costs, etc.) may not be relevant to the date of publishing.

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