“Advanced vehicle telematics” series of express webinars 2020

New knowledge to learn, while you’re staying at home. More about remote monitoring systems of locomotives, boats and other complex machinery!

About advanced machinery telematics

Main feature. Necessity of gathering and analyzing hundreds of operating parameters, and high requirements for accuracy, informativeness and reliability of a monitoring system.

Benefits for the fleet owner. Discovering the ways of increasing efficiency of machinery operations is one of the most important tasks since operation of complex machinery fleet involves high costs.

Advantages for system providers. This market segment is relatively free from competition (comparing to “classic” segment – telematics of road vehicles). So, telematics system providers have a good opportunity to attract new customer – owner of complex machinery, who are willing to invest in advanced telematics systems to increase operational transparency of machines and find the ways of optimizing operating costs.

Join “Advanced vehicle telematics” express-webinars and discover:

  1. How telematics systems for construction and agricultural machinery, mining vehicles, tankers, railway machinery, boats, diesel generators, mini- gas filling station and other mobile and stationary units are arranged.
  2. What information is provided by fuel flow meters, fuel level sensors, CAN readers, J1939 interfaces and converters and what is used in machinery telematics system.
  3. What is CAN/S6 Technology and how it reduces system installation efforts and allows integrating standard machinery equipment into a unified telematics system.
  4. How wireless Bluetooth-sensors for fuel monitoring and axle load measurement are working, why drivers and mechanics might need a smartphone app for data monitoring.
  5. What is predictive maintenance and how to configure alarms on abnormal machinery operation and reduce machinery breakdown risk.

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One topic lasts 45 minutes. Registration is free.

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