Why to start tracking engine operation time and workloads?

Monitoring equipment operation time by engine hour meter provides only information about total operating time, which is not enough for an objective measurement of equipment operation modes, correct accounting of work performed and optimal maintenance schedule. Vehicle telematics systems, that include DFM fuel flow meters can automate engine run time and performance monitoring, thus allowing fleet [...]

Top-3 hot telematics tasks for DFM 

Flow meter is the most accurate fuel consumption measurement tool for vehicles and stationary machines. DFM flow meters are used in fuel systems of 1-25,000 l/h flow rates, while a variety of available interfaces allows connecting DFM to well-known GPS trackers, telematics boxes and NMEA displays. Unlike other technical solutions, DFM flow meters can solve [...]

Fuel monitoring for mining equipment

More than 2/3 of fleet budget is fuel and maintenance costs. An accurate fuel monitoring system can save up to 30% of those costs, also allowing to extend the lifetime of mining equipment. Mining equipment operates in harsh climate and terrain conditions, so the most suitable tool for monitoring fuel consumption and engine operation modes [...]

Technoton products are compatible with Garmin chartplotter

Technoton has completed compatibility testing of MasterCAN S7 NMEA data converter and Garmin GPSmap 1022xsv chartplotter (sonar, display) using NMEA 2000 protocol. The combined use of products is intended for sea and river vessels: small and medium-sized private, fishing and work ships. This provides additional opportunities for live fuel rate monitoring, determining the cruising range, [...]

Workshop in South Africa!

Technoton is pleased to invite you to take part in "Advanced machinery telematics" workshop, which will be held on May 30, 2022, in Johannesburg! 🎉 Join “Advanced machinery telematics” workshop and discover 1. Technoton in 2019-2022, overview of product changes. New products for telematics and IIoT. 2. S6 Technology – tool for advanced machinery telematics. [...]

Data converters for vehicle and industrial telematics

Quite often, it is necessary to grab operation parameters from standard machinery sensors to vehicle or industrial telematics system. How to get that data? Use MasterCAN data converters! Purpose of use of MasterCAN converters MasterCAN converters read messages from on-board data buses of vehicles (J1939, J1708, ISObus) and industrial machines (RS-232, RS-485 – Modbus), and [...]

Technoton Service Center has started its operation in Africa!

We are glad to announce that Technoton Service Center has started its operation in Nigeria, West Africa!?   Thanks to our professional Partners from Tracking and Monitoring Tech all Clients from Africa now have the possibility to receive qualitative after-sales service, speedy repair and professional consultation as well as installation assistance upon necessity.   Please [...]
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