DUT-E 2Bio fuel level sensor – let’s analyse first year on the market.

DUT-E 2 Bio. Итоги 10 месяцев эксплуатации

Almost a year passed as new innovative product was introduced to telematics market – DUT-E 2Bio fuel level sensor with 3rd measuring electrode for monitoring level and volume of fuel in tank.

Innovations inside DUT-E 2Bio.

1. Digital temperature sensor placed in the bottom part of measuring tubes. That allows direct measurement of fuel temperature inside a tank and making accurate measurement adjustments for temperature expansion of fuel. Thus, level/volume signal is stable when temperature is changing in day/night, because of sunlight, etc.

2. Three measuring electrodes – differential measurement of fuel level/volume, i.e. the signal does not depend on absolute permittivity of liquid. DUT-E 2Bio sensor can be used with any fuel type: summer/winter/biodiesel and the signal is not sensitive when fuel type in the same tank is changed. Different quality (purity) of diesel fuel does not affect fuel volume measurement results.

3. IoT Burger technology. The sensor has advanced self-diagnostics system, Event recognition and registering functions, signal correction, adjustment and filtration features.  At the same time, service software for setting up the sensor has clear and user-friendly interface.

4. Service (configuration) interface is separated from signal interface. Regardless of output signal type (CAN j1939/S6, RS 232, RS 485, frequency or voltage), sensor calibration and configuration, as well as fuel tank volume calibration table – all those configurations are done through digital interface. Telematics system provider can be always sure in precise and reliable information about sensor’s operation, while labour-intensity of installation and data check are decreased.

DUT-E 2Bio is on telematics market since 2017.

As typical for any new product, DUT-E 2Bio was greeted with caution – telematics systems integrators’  questions were mainly related to reliability of third electrode’s fastening, accuracy of differential signal computation and tightness of cable glands.

The results of 12 months in operation removed all questions and doubts. DUT-E 2Bio are mounted and operated in different regions: Siberia, Middle East, Africa. Mainly, the sensors are used on stationary tanks/storages, where the issue of high temperature fluctuations is very topical. Zero (!) failure rate so far. Accuracy stated in sensor’s specification was confirmed.

Testimonials on DUT-E 2Bio


“DUT-E 2Bio CAN accurately detects fuel level in each compartment no matter what type of fuel the tanker is currently transporting. It automatically adjusts its settings to a new type of fuel poured in, so recalibration of the sensor is not required. Integrating DUT-E 2Bio CAN with Helios, allows us to offer our customers an improved and upgraded version of the vehicle monitoring system, which gives fleet managers accurate data on level and volume of fuel in the tank and correctly detects tank refilling and fuel draining volumes. We believe DUT-E 2Bio CAN integration can help us gain new customers and markets.”

– Mr. Or Golshtein
Starcom Systems Ltd.



“We wish to inform that Technoton’s products are found to be of high quality and stable in most rugged site conditions. Technoton’s latest DUT-E 2Bio level sensor is been installed in our client vehicle (TATA transit mixer) since November 2017 and found to be satisfactory till date.”

– Indicators Sieges Private Limited*

(*contact us or email to [email protected] to obtain paper version of the reference)


Technoton’s technical support is always here to assist and answer questions on DUT-E 2Bio installation and configuration – [email protected]


DUT E 2Bio fuel level sensor

DUT-E 2 Bio fuel level sensor: reaction to impurities in the liquid

Business-case on DUT-E 2Bio fuel level sensor with third measuring electrode installation to statioanry fuel tank and conenction to SCADA panel using Modbus RTU protocol – download here.

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