Fuel flow meter DFM

DFM DA deaerator

DFM DA deaerator is an accessory for fuel consumption monitoring systems, which is used to remove air from the fuel lines of diesel engines.

The deaerator is installed in the supply and/or return fuel lines of an engine of a vehicle or stationary equipment.

Removing air from the fuel system allows:

  1. improve accuracy of the fuel consumption monitoring system,
  2. decrease wear of the fuel pump,
  3. ensure smooth engine operation and reduce emissions and CO2.

Advantages of DFM DA

  • compatibility with DFM flow meter mounting kits,
  • wide operating range – up to 600 l/h,
  • high efficiency – up to 100% of separated air,
  • metal case for impact protection,
  • sealing of the body from unauthorized intervention.

Application within fuel monitoring system

Large volumes of air and foam are spotted in common rail-type systems, due to the difference in pressure inside the fuel line before and after the injection pump. Also, foaming occurs in systems where fuel is used to remove heat from the engine.

We recommend using the DFM DA deaerator when installing fuel flow meters to any fuel system, where foam in the return fuel line is present. That’s especially relevant for powerful diesel engines – mining, construction and agricultural machinery, railway transport, special equipment for oil & gas.

The main place of installation of DFM DA deaerator is in the return fuel line up to the fuel flow meter’s reverse chamber. This helps to remove air bubbles from the fuel, so the DFM flow meter will measure exactly the volume of the flowing fuel.

In a situation where there is a “suction” of air on the feed side of the fuel system, in case the fuel system health is good, we recommend installing an additional DFM DA unit in the supply line, upstream of the fuel flow meter.

Deaerator in the fuel system

Technical specifications

Parameter, measuring unit DA 600
Type of fuel diesel (EN 590)
biodiesel (EN 14214)
maximum flow rate, l/h 600
Maximum deaeration power
(higher flow rate - lower deaeration), %
Maximum operating temperature, °C +85
Maximum pressure in the fuel line, bar 25
Dimensions, mm 352х120х120
Footer 1 eng