Compatibility of Technoton fuel sensors and meters with Queclink GPS trackers

Top Technoton product brands – DUT-E fuel level sensors and DFM fuel flow meters – are now compatible with Queclink GV 300 tracking devices via RS 232 interface!

Queclink Wireless Solutions is one of global leaders in IoT and vehicle tracking hardware. The company sold more than 8 million products worldwide by the end of 2018. Queclink provides standard and customized products for various telematics markets, including fleet telematics, asset tracking, security and Lone Worker Protection.

Furthermore, Queclink was one of the first companies outside CIS that supported data transfer protocol of DUT-E 232 fuel level sensor. In 2012, we signed Declaration of Compatibility of DUT-E 232 and GV 200 GPS trackers.

Long-term cooperation between Technoton and Queclink has an obvious foundation – both brands are demanded by fuel monitoring and telematics solutions providers. And foremost, GPS tracking companies in Latin America and Africa would be interested in new combination of Technoton and Queclink products for mobile and stationary machinery telematics. The products are used in fuel consumption monitoring systems and freight truck fleet management, tracking of agricultural machinery, buses, mining equipment and water transport.

Technoton fuel level sensors and fuel flow meters with Queclink GPS trackers

Are you planning to use DUT-E fuel level sensor or DFM flowmeter together with Queclink telematics unit?

Download the instructions for hardware connection and configuration here!

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