Technoton took part in Gitex 2023 exhibition last week 🥳

GITEX 2023 global technology exhibition successfully completed last week in Dubai. Our team also took part in this large-scale event. Technoton presented "Diesel generators Telematics" stand and some products of the company: DFM wireless fuel flow meter, DFM Marine flow meter for heavy machinery, DUT-E 2Bio differential fuel level sensor and also DUT-E SAU fuel [...]

Monitoring of vehicles and stationary equipment via CAN bus

CAN bus is essentially a communication channel within vehicles and stationary machinery, facilitating signal exchange between Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and other devices. When we talk about "CAN bus," we're usually referring to the entirety of the CAN J1939 standard, and in the context of commercial transport, we're specifically referencing the upper layer CAN J1939/71. [...]

DFM DA: remove air from fuel lines

😎 Novelty again! This time - a product that helps with the problem of fuel airing— DFM DA deaerator. Technical device is designed for fuel consumption monitoring systems, and is used to remove air from the fuel lines of diesel engines. DFM DA deaerator helps to: improve accuracy of the fuel consumption monitoring system, decrease wear of [...]

DUT-E SAU: automation of fuel supply pumps

🔥 Introducing our new product — DUT-E SAU fuel supply automation unit! Unit is designed for controlling fuelpump, it helps to automate supply of fuel from a reserve tank to the main tank of a diesel generator, heating equipment or boiler. DUT-E SAU: ensures uninterrupted operation of diesel-powered machinery eliminates the need for manual fuel pump [...]

Diesel flow meters for trucks

DIESEL FLOW METERS FOR TRUCKS There are several ways of fuel consumption monitoring of trucks. We will not consider using consumption quotas, since this method is only suitable for rough estimation of resource consumption and does not provide accurate information on actual fuel usage. Today, vehicle fleets use two methods to control fuel consumption: Direct [...]

Technoton workshop in JAKARTA, INDONESIA

Technoton workshop " Remote monitoring and fuel telematics for power-generators, vessels and heavy-duty vehicles " was successfully held yesterday in Jakarta, Indonesia! The main topics of the workshop were: Overview of Technoton, products, areas of application. Power generator telematics – UNUM Genset solution, use cases and how to start Fuel monitoring for mining equipment. Fuel [...]

Let`s meet at Telematics Workshop and SmartEnergy Indonesia 2023!

Technoton is pleased to invite you to take part in Telematics workshop on March 1st, 2023, in Jakarta, Indonesia! 🎉 Topic: remote monitoring and fuel telematics for power-generators, vessels and heavy-duty vehicles. Find out how to implement and benefit from fuel measurement, engine diagnostics and other features for remote monitoring of diesel gensets, marine vessels, [...]

Tanker trucks fuel monitoring

Fuel delivery companies want to be sure that the volume of fuel poured into a tanker truck will be delivered to their customers completely, and the fuel will not be “lost” along the way. Therefore, the main fuel control task of tanker trucks is monitoring of dispensed volumes and, if possible, balance in compartments. At the [...]
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