Technoton at Securex South Africa 2022

Just after “Advanced machinery telematics” workshop in Johannesburg, Technoton participated in Securex South Africa - Africa’s leading security and fire expo. Each year, the event brings together more than 160 quality exhibitors with thousands of the continent’s security and fire protection professionals. Telematics, GPS vehicle tracking, fuel monitoring is another topic, that is traditionally submitted [...]

Technoton hardware is compatible with Deep Sea Electronics

Compatibility and joint accuracy test of DUT-E fuel level sensors, DFM fuel flow meters, MasterCAN RS2CAN data converter with Deep Sea Electronics 7320 controller has come to an end. Devices work perfectly with each other and bring new possibilities in fuel monitoring and genset telematics. Combined use of Technoton hardware with Deep Sea controller allows [...]

Successful integration of Technoton hardware with Raymarine display

Technoton has completed compatibility test of MasterCAN S7 NMEA data converter and Raymarine Axiom Pro 12 display. As a result, it was confirmed that fuel consumption data from DFM S7 wireless flow meter is successfully converted with MasterCAN S7 NMEA data converter and correctly displayed on  Raymarine Axiom Pro 12 display. Technoton hardware provides measurement [...]

Workshop in South Africa!

Technoton is pleased to invite you to take part in "Advanced machinery telematics" workshop, which will be held on May 30, 2022, in Johannesburg! 🎉 Join “Advanced machinery telematics” workshop and discover 1. Technoton in 2019-2022, overview of product changes. New products for telematics and IIoT. 2. S6 Technology – tool for advanced machinery telematics. [...]

Fuel monitoring of machinery

Fuel prices are record high. Considering that fuel expenses make 40-70% of total fleet expenses, that resource becomes even more valuable for a company and requires precise monitoring and accounting. Ways of improving fuel efficiency and reducing fuel costs Optimize machinery working load modes Record actual engine hours and reduce machinery downtime Measure real fuel [...]

3 benefits of direct fuel consumption measurement

Monitoring of fuel consumption in fuel line of engine has a number of undeniable advantages - this method of fuel control provides measurement accuracy regardless of operating conditions of vehicles, allows to monitor fuel consumption in various modes of engine operation, helps to keep track of operating time and link fuel consumption to engine hours. [...]

Data converters for vehicle and industrial telematics

Quite often, it is necessary to grab operation parameters from standard machinery sensors to vehicle or industrial telematics system. How to get that data? Use MasterCAN data converters! Purpose of use of MasterCAN converters MasterCAN converters read messages from on-board data buses of vehicles (J1939, J1708, ISObus) and industrial machines (RS-232, RS-485 – Modbus), and [...]
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