Fuel monitoring for vessels

One of the key functions of vessel telematics system - fuel monitoring - helps shipowners and vessel operators to reduce fuel and lubricants expenditures by 30-60%, allows implementing maintenance according to actual condition of vessels and, thereby, extend service life of fuel system. Explore Technoton cases on vessel fuel monitoring: Free port of Ventspils, Latvia [...]

We invite you to visit Technoton at Neva 2021

Technoton is going to take part in NEVA 2021,  which will be held in St. Petersburg, on September 21-24, 2021. International Maritime Exhibition and Conference is in the industry's Top-10 exhibitions. September 21-24, 2021, EXPOFORUM Center, Hall H, booth № H1 276 At NEVA 2021 Technoton is going to present: Fuel monitoring systems, based on [...]

Fuel flow meter for agricultural machinery

Tractors, harvesters, and other agricultural machines mainly operate in severe conditions from fuel monitoring point of view: mixed engine operation cycles, short time intervals of machinery operation, rough terrain and fuel fluctuations in tank. DFM fuel flow meter — a tool for diesel fuel consumption measurement and engine operating time monitoring — is designed taking [...]

Agricultural machinery telematics

Agricultural machinery telematics — is an integral telematics solution for fuel monitoring, monitoring of operating parameters, GPS tracking and running time tracking of agricultural vehicles.   Fuel monitoring Using DFM fuel flow meters is the most reliable way to monitor fuel consumption of agricultural machinery. Hardware is installed directly in fuel line of engine and [...]

CANUp areas of application

CANUp telematics gateway – multi-functional telematics unit used in advanced machinery telematics systems. Advanced machinery - mobile and stationary objects, which have many operation monitoring points: engines, power generators, boilers, various additional equipment and other assemblies. Core features of CANUp telematics gateway: reading over 10,000 machine operation parameters, thus the gateway can be adapted for different machinery [...]

Main advantages of CANUp telematics gateway

CANUp telematics gateway – multi-functional tool for advanced telematics systems combining features of data interface, digital-to-analog converter and online GPS/GLONASS tracker. Telematics gateway allows easy and error-free implementation of complex telematics system, which uses many on-board smart-sensors and devices necessary for monitoring multiple control points: several fuel tanks, engines, upper equipment, trailed/attached equipment, onboard information [...]

Automatic J1939 and ISOBUS scanning and parsing – CANUp gateway

Automatic J1939 and ISOBUS scanning and parsing - one of the most important features of CANUp telematics gateway. The gateway is designed for advanced machinery telematics, which are characterized by many control points and number of standard data interfaces. Control points are - one or several engines and fuel tanks, auxiliary equipment and/or attached equipment. [...]

Technoton at Neftegaz 2021 exhibition

Neftegaz is Russia's largest trade show for oil and gas industry. It ranks in the top ten of the world's petroleum shows. Neftegaz is held annually jointly with National Oil & Gas Forum and is the best oil and gas exhibition according to a survey of industry professionals. Event provides an opportunity for companies to [...]

Fuel tank monitor app now is available for iOS

  "Fuel Tank Monitor" application, which is used for configuring and displaying data from  DUT-E S7 wireless fuel level sensors, now is available for iOS devices. For receiving data to "Fuel tank monitor" iOS app, DUT-E S7 fuel level sensor should have firmware version 14.0 and higher. Functionality: keeping fuel level sensor calibration "Empty" / [...]

Technoton at the 10th annual conference Navitoring-2021

Technoton took part in the 10th annual conference Navitoring 2021. Exhibition was a long-awaited event for telematics market. Telematics systems providers, developers, manufacturers, wanted this meeting in order to talk alive and discuss new products and trends. Navitoring coped with this task to 100%. Main topic of exhibition this year is analysis of telematics market [...]
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