Technoton Installation on a Caterpillar D7R mining bulldozer

Installation of  flow meter, level sensor and telematics gateway on Caterpillar D7R mining bulldozer

Technoton Installation on a Caterpillar D7R mining bulldozer

Products installed:

Technoton Installation. Caterpillar D7R mining bulldozer

Flow meter is installed on CAT D7R mining bulldozer.

DUT-E 2Bio level sensor on Caterpillar D7R

DUT-E 2bio fuel level sensor is also installed on CAT tractor. DUT-E 2bio measures exact fuel tank fill up volumes in a complex tank and detects fuel draining attempts.

Deaerator in the fuel system

It is a closer view of DFM 250D in the bulldozer fuel system. DFM 250D is installed in both lines of fuel system – supply and return.

CANUp geteway on Caterpillar D7R3

CANUp 27 telematics gateway is installed in the tractor system for recording operation parameters, generates and sends operation reports to the telematics server.

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