Monitoring of special transport
in oil and gas industry

Fuel consumption and auxiliary equipment monitoring of special vehicles for oil production


transport service company*


fuel consumption monitoring of machinery, auxiliary equipment and attachments


more than 4,500 units of technical units for oil production


DFM fuel flow meters


  • Development of lean production system
  • Operation time monitoring of auxiliary equipment and attachments
  • Prevention of falsification in travel permit papers


Oil production

The company* is developing very dynamically since 2007. It manages 10 enterprises of specialized transport on the territory of the whole southeast of the country. The history of these enterprises began long time ago, age of the youngest one is a little bit more than 30 years.

The company has more than 8,000 employees and 4,500 technical units, that include wide range of special vehicles from equipment for oil production and construction to transportation of oversized, large and dangerous cargo.

Quality and cost of company’s transport services are one of the important factors of success in oil production, because customer’s machinery work at all stages of oil production – from prospecting, to construction and support of objects.


The Company* uses truck cranes, dump trucks, tractors, tank trucks, pipe carriers, tractors, mud trucks, hydraulic lifts and other special transport machineries for oil industry on various chassis with engines such as JAMZ-7514.10, CAT-3406, CAT-23-G3, CAT-3408, CAT-3412, CAT-C11, CAT-C15b QSK 23-G3 etc.

Truck cranes, dump trucks, tractors for the oil industry

Customer company *

“Our clients are oil companies that work in different regions. Our machines are used on huge construction site). Company implements quality management system which is a guarantee of efficiency for our partners. Our motto is “Mobility, Efficiency, Reliability.”


Growing requirements of partners and introduction of modern project and process management allow company to enhance capacity and expand opportunities.

For business processes optimization and implementation of lean production system it was necessary to monitor fuel consumption of special machinery and register operation time of auxiliary equipment and attachments.

Also, suggested elements of telematics system were checked for compatibility with trackers and software that had been already used for monitoring of machines. Increased customer’s demands for reliability and quality of fuel consumption monitoring system arose because of objects’ remoteness and harsh environment.


Fuel flowmeter DFM D

DFM fuel flow meters are mounted into fuel system and measure specific, total, instant and itinerary fuel consumption. One-chamber flow meters DFM 100CK or differential DFM 250D are mounted depending on machinery type and volume of fuel consumption. Fuel flow meters with additional DFMi display are used for direct retrieving meter reads and that optimizes system maintenance time.

DFM also allows company to receive data on machinery work in different operation modes of engines and attachments.


Telematics system installation on the whole fleet allowed customer to reduce fuel consumption by 5-20 % depending on operation time and type of machinery.

Customer continues to increase volume of transport services, profitability is increasing by 20 % annually. Also, company is increasing volume of investments into purchasing new equipment and expansion of provided services.

Monitoring of fuel and operating time of chassis engines and attachments in various modes

“All machinery units are equipped with satellite monitoring system and fuel consumption monitoring system. Management of enterprises is built on the basis of modern software products – from issuing electronic travel permits to reports generation. DFM fuel flow meters installation allows to identify actual fuel consumption and to avoid falsifications in travel permits during operation time of auxiliary equipment.”

* Data is hidden from public access to comply with GDPR requirements. Details on the project can be disclosed upon signing NDA and with the consent of our partner.

Transport company representative*

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