Compatibility of DUT-E S7 fuel level sensors with GPS trackers Digital Matter

GPS trackers G120 designed by Digital Matter, Australia – now are compatible with DUT-E S7 fuel level sensors via S7 Technology – wireless data transfer based on Bluetooth Low energy standard. 

Thanks to the compatibility of DUT-E S7 with Digital Matter G120, it has become much easier to implement fuel monitoring into vehicle monitoring system: 

  • no cabling needed, so installation process speeds up by several times 
  • protection against data tampering and trashing is increased
  • explosion- and re-safety of sensor  

Compatibility of DUT-E S7 fuel level sensors with GPS trackers Digital Matter

Digital Matter – is a global GPS and IoT devices developer for various fields with a rich heritage in device design in the telematics space. The company sold more than 750 thousand 2G, 3G, 4G GPS trackers, Bluetooth GPS devices gateways & tags, IoT sensors, LoRaWAN® GPS and IoT devices, Sigfox and driver identifiers and sensors. Digital Matter supplies GPS trackers and sensors for IoT, as well as software to 110 countries. 

Download the instructions for hardware connection and configuration of GPS trackers Digital Matter with DUT-E S7 wireless fuel level sensors here! 

Learn more about advantages of S7 — Technology of wireless data gathering from autonomous sensors within industrial and automotive telematics. Multi-point data transfer in S7 Technology – BLE-radio (advertising) operation mode allows to get data by multiple receivers simultaneously. 

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