Compatibility of Technoton wireless devices with Teltonika trackers

Together with our partner Teltonika, we have successfully tested the compatibility of Technoton wireless fuel flow meters, fuel sensors and axle load sensors with Teltonika Telematics trackers. Devices work perfectly with each other and bring new possibilities to the telematics industry.

Teltonika is a leading fleet management solutions manufacturer in Europe with 1.200.000 GPS trackers sold in 2018. Solutions designed by the company are widely used in fleet management and security to connected car, insurance telematics and car-sharing. Innovation was always a pulse of Teltonika, the manufacturer has introduced new trends like Connected vehicles, NB-IoT, CAT-M1, Cloud-based services and many more.

Technoton BLE sensors

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The key benefits of Technoton sensors with Bluetooth – easy and quick installation without wires, data transfer to several devices using BLE-radio (i.e. simultaneously to telematics units and smartphones), long service life from built-in battery, fire- and explosion-safety of sensors.

DUT-E S7 – wireless fuel level sensor  for fuel monitoring in a fuel tank of vehicle and stationary machines. Device helps to increase the transparency of fuel costs accounting and prevent fuel theft.

DFM S7 – wireless fuel/oil flow meter for fuel consumption measurement in feed and supply lines of engines. DFM S7 flow meters are used in vehicle telematics (GPS vehicle tracking) systems, online monitoring systems of stationary engines and as a stand-alone solution for autonomous fuel consumption monitoring.

GNOM S7 – wireless axle shifts (position) sensors are used within telematics systems and on-board weighing systems for axle load monitoring and preventing excess axle load. GNOM DP S7 are suitable for vehicles with spring (leaf) suspension.

Declaration of Compatibility of BLE-sensors with Teltonika trackers

Declarations were signed on compatibility of Technoton Bluetooth sensors: DUT-E S7, DFM S7, DFM D S7, GNOM DP S7 with Teltonika Telematics trackers FMB1YX, FMU1YX, FMC1YX, FMM1YX, FMB9YX, FMB2YX, MTB100, FMT100, FMB001, FMB010, FMC001, FMM001, FMB002, FMB020, FMB003.

Complete instructions for setting up the equipment are available for download in the Technoton Center document.

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