Contactless readers for safe data gathering

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–  CANCrocodile. Vehicles, tractors and other machinery with CAN j1939 bus

–  1708Crocodile. Volvo and Renault trucks, John Deere tractors and other machinery with J1708 bus

– NozzleCrocodile. For cars with gas/gasoline engine

CANCrocodile and 1708Crocodile – data reading from information bus. CANCrocodile – signal reading from CAN bus (SAE j1939). 1708Crocodle – signal reading from J1708 bus (SAE j1587).

NozzleCrocodile – gas/gasoline fuel consumption monitoring. NozzleCrocodile reads control pulses from wires of engine injector (nozzle).

 Design and specifications

– Firm fixation of wires inside Crocodile’s case. Wires are placed at 90˚ to reader’s case. This way of fixation ensures the wires will not slide away of reading surface. Elastic pad inside reader’s case presses wires to reading surface.

– Quick installation. “1-2-3”-easy installation: open case, put wires inside, close case until click. Crocodile is ready for operation, no configuration needed. Signal reading/transfer speed is up to 1000 Kb/s.

–  Powered up by onboard electrical network of vehicle. Crocodile is connected directly to onboard network of vehicle without any additional (external) power adapters. Power supply range is 10-50 Volts.

– Light indication of operation modes.  LED-indicators ensure visual control of Crocodile’s operation. Red – power is on. Green – signal reading.

–  Case sealing protects against third-party interference. After installation, Crocodile is sealed by threading a rope through special holes is its case. The seal and the rope are parts of delivery set.

– Crocodile’s wires meet standards of car manufacturing. The wires are resistant to corrosion, mechanical damages

and temperature fluctuations within –40 ˚C to + 85 ˚C.

Quality and technical support

– Quality control in design and manufacturing. Technoton’s quality management system is ISO 9001-cerified. Quality is checked at all stages – material acceptance, production, assembly, acceptance to warehouse.

– Compatibility with telematics units and data converters. CANCrocodile is compatible with telematics units/data converters, which have CAN 2.0В port (SAE j1939). 1708Crocodile is compatible with telematics units/data converters, which have j1708 port (SAE j1587). NozzleCrocodile with telematics units, which has pulse (counter) input.

– High-quality technical support and documentation

– Technical training on real machinery, obligatory exam after the training.
– Quick support in English and Spanish using online-chat, messengers and e-mail.
– Detailed operation manuals in Russian, English, Spanish. French.
– Tutorial videos.

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