Fuel tank monitor app now is available for iOS

"Fuel Tank Monitor" for iOS


“Fuel Tank Monitor” application, which is used for configuring and displaying data from  DUT-E S7 wireless fuel level sensors, now is available for iOS devices.

For receiving data to “Fuel tank monitor” iOS app, DUT-E S7 fuel level sensor should have firmware version 14.0 and higher.


  • keeping fuel level sensor calibration “Empty” / “Full” values;
  • keeping calibration values after installation of a fuel level sensor on a tank;
  • notification on a mobile device about fueling / discharging (vehicle is parked, the application is launched and the mobile device is within Bluetooth connection area with level sensor);
  • notification about low fuel level;
  • notification about low/high temperature;
  • providing fuel level data in a convenient way
  • data logging from a fuel level sensor
  • fuel level sensor self-diagnostics information

Fuel Tank Monitor app allows:

  • Installer: create an adjustment profile and monitor readings of sensors during installation in fuel tank.
  • Driver: checking fuel volume refill at gas station; quick check of current fuel volume in tank; getting alarms on fuel theft from tank, “night watch”.
  • Fleet manager: checking and recording fuel volume in vehicle tank when transferring vehicle from one driver to another.
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