MasterCAN DAC – a flexible converter between CAN J1939 and analog signals

MasterCAN DAC i/o module

MasterCAN DAC is a flexible converter between CAN J1939 and analog signals – J1939 i/o module converting signals simultaneously in two directions.

Device is designed for vehicle telematics, monitoring of stationary units, IIoT, industrial automation. MasterCAN DAC provides increase in the number of monitored parameters and allows implementing process automation. J1939 I/O module supports 10,800 parameters (SPN) of j1939/71, S6, FMS and ISOBUS communication protocols.


  1. Integration of standard and additional analog sensors, lamps, relays into digital telematics system;
  2. Output of information from digital sensors (fuel level, fuel consumption and axle load) with CAN J1939 interface to analog input of dashboard or other local display device;
  3. Automation of analog devices operation (switching relays, executive mechanisms) using CAN messages of telematics unit, sensors and/or CAN j1939 bus.

Field of application of MasterCAN DAC i/o modules

1. Conversion of analog signals to CAN messages

 Conversion of analog signals to CAN messages

2. Sending data to a dashboard

 Sending data to a dashboard

MasterCAN DAC converts data from fuel level sensor with CAN interface (installed in a fuel tank) or gathers parameters from standard CAN bus and transforms them into analog signals, which are transmitted to analog input of vehicle’s dashboard.

3. Integration of analog devices of complex machinery into telematics system

Integration of analog devices of harvester into telematics system

MasterCAN DAC i/o module converts signals of standard sensors, relays, executive mechanisms and other analog devices. Digitized parameters together with data from additional fuel level, fuel consumption, temperature and axle load sensors are transmitted to a telematics unit. At the same time, data from fuel level sensor with CAN-interface is sent to dashboard’s analog input.

4. Control automation of analog devices using CAN j1939 messages

Control automation of analog devices using CAN j1939 messages

Onboard equipment of genset monitoring system exchanges data via CAN j1939/S6 bus. In the example given, MasterCAN i/o module turns on and off the pump power relay depending on the data from fuel level sensor about the remaining fuel in the supply tank, and, in this way, ensures automatic fuel pumping.

Advantages of MasterCAN DAC

  • Supports J1939/71, S6, ISObus protocols: choice from 10,800+ machinery operation Parameters;
  • Setting up conversion of analog signals: calibration tables, filtration, pulse value, duty cycle, selection of target PGN and SPN (parameter), source address in the bus;
  • Automatic parsing of packets (PGN), search for required parameters (SPN);
  • Easy setting of required/target parameters – by SPN name or number;
  • Parallel conversion mode “analog-to-digital” and “digital-to-analog”.

Inputs and outputs of MasterCAN i/o module

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Sea and river vessel telematics
Diesel generator monitoring system
Fuel storage tanks
Smart agriculture: granary
Monitoring of mining equipment
Digital drilling rig
Fuel sensor for complex tank
Railroad machinery monitoring
Bus monitoring system
Agricultural machinery
Garbage truck monitoring
Tanker truck monitoring
Truck telematics



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