MasterCAN data interfaces — data conversion tools for telematics

MasterCAN data interfaces

MasterCAN data interfaces are data conversion tools between CAN J1939/71, J1708 (SAE J1587) and RS-485/232 (Modbus RTU) interfaces, designed for vehicle telematics (GPS vehicle tracking) and industrial automation (IIoT).

MasterCAN converters are used to integrate machinery or vehicles with different interfaces into a single monitoring and/or management system, to filter J1939/71 and Modbus messages and simplify the configuration of a terminal device – tracker, controller, display.

MasterCAN data converters convert and transmit signals of standard and additional equipment of mobile or stationary machinery into a digital monitoring system.

Digital-to-analog converters MasterCAN DAC convert analog signals into digital data of CAN j1939 standard and vice versa; works simultaneously in two directions.


  • Messages converting between CAN j1939/71, SAE j1587, Modbus RTU protocols
  • Integration into a combined monitoring system:
    – onboard CAN j1939 and j1708 information buses
    – additional equipment with CAN j1939, RS-232, RS-485 interfaces
    – analog sensors, lamps, relays
  • Automation of operation of analog devices (relays, executive mechanisms) using CAN messages of the terminal, sensor, j1939 bus

 Data conversion with MasterCAN and MasterCAN DAC converters


  • Versatility – can be used for vehicle telematics, IIoT applications, industrial automation projects
  • Flexible configuration of input/output SPN, Modbus registers, data baud rate using service software
  • Conformity with automotive standards of the EU and EAEU
  • Power supply from on-board automotive electrical network without additional power adapters

MasterCAN data converters as a part of vehicle telematics

Examples of collected and converted data

  • Electrical parameters of the diesel power plant alternator
  • Fuel – the current volume in the tank, refuelling and draining, hourly consumption
  • Axle load, weight of the cargo
  • Oils, coolant and other technical fluids – temperature, level, pressure
  • Work parameters of additional and attached equipment of vehicles
  • Engine operation – RPM, current moment, engine operating time
  • Parameters of the industrial equipment
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