MasterCAN data converters. Application in telematics systems

Data сonverter

MasterCAN data converter is an interfacing and transformation tool between CAN J1939/71, J1708 (SAE J1587) and RS-485/232 (Modbus RTU) communication standards, designed for integration of standard and additional equipment – sensors and peripherals – with different interfaces into a single machinery telematics (GPS vehicle tracking) system or remote site monitoring system (IIoT).

  • MasterCAN automatically scans and converts CAN and J1708 bus messages – MasterCAN CC and MasterCAN C 232/485
  • Converts CAN to/from Modbus RTU (technician can choose from 10,000 possible parameters of CAN J1939 protocol, including ISObus (agriculture vehicles) standard) – models MasterCAN V-GATE, MasterCAN RS2CAN, MasterCANCAN2RS

The flexibility of setting allows using MasterCAN both in vehicle telematics systems for receiving data of CAN and J1708 standards, and in monitoring systems for stationary machinery units (remote sites) – diesel generator sets and diesel power stations, heating equipment and other machinery, that uses Modbus RTU communication protocol.

MasterCAN data converters for vehicle telematics

MasterCAN data converters for vehicle telematics

  • Data reading from J1708 bus (SAE J1587)

In Volvo, Renault, John Deere, and some models of construction machinery, equipped with J1708 (SAE J1587) additionally to CAN bus reading, it is necessary to get data from J1708 bus, which contains telematics-relevant parameters of machinery operation. MasterCAN scans and parses messages from both buses simultaneously, and generates CAN J1939 or RS-232 messages at the output.

  • Transforming FMS/CAN J1939 to RS-232 or RS-485

MasterCAN transforms messages received via CAN and J1708 buses into HEX, text data or Modbus RTU protocol and transmits via RS-232 or RS-485 interfaces. This feature is useful when CAN-port of telematics unit is used by other equipment, and there is no extra CAN-port for connecting CAN bus.

  • Vehicle data interface for receiving FMS messages

MasterCAN scans CAN bus, selects FMS messages and sends them to telematics unit. Filtering FMS messages allows reducing data load on telematics unit’s CAN-port and cut data volume transmitted to telematics server, thus simplifying configuration of the entire telematics system.

MasterCAN data converters for IIoT and industrial automation

MasterCAN data converters for IIoT and industrial automation


  • Integration of controller data into telematics system

Alternator operation parameters like voltage, current, active power and others are available in genset controller and could be read via Modbus RTU protocol. That data is necessary for proper analysis of genset operation and along with engine operation data from CAN bus and data from additional sensors, it is integratable into a single telematics system.

  • Data transfer from telematics equipment to a controller via Modbus RTU

Fuel level and fuel rate data gathered by additional sensors with CAN interface can be converted by MasterCAN CAN2RS and stored to registers according to the Modbus RTU protocol, so terminal device (router or genset controller) can properly read out those parameters for further processing.

  • Integration of telematics equipment with different interfaces into a single network

Sensors of telematics system (fuel, temperature, humidity, etc.) often have different interfaces – CAN j1939, RS-232, RS-485. MasterCAN transforms signals of telematics system devices with different interfaces and allows to integrate them into a single CAN J1939/S6 network, using a unified message format for making configuration of a terminal device and online server more clear and simple.

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