Genset engine remote monitoring

Genset engine remote monitoring

Genset engine remote monitoring

One of the features of genset remote monitoring is registration of actual run time and load modes. Understanding run time and load conditions of genset engine helps asset owners to analyze fleet performance better, improve maintenance schedule and  reduce overall costs.

Benefits of monitoring run time and operating modes:

  • Optimize maintenance costs. Carry out technical maintenance and replace consumables just in time for keeping costs within a budget.
  • Avoid genset breakdown. Registration of actual operating time provides basis for engine and fuel system wear out assessment and helps to prevent sudden failures.
  • Prevent misreporting and cut fuel costs. Reliable data on working and idling modes makes fuel consumption overstating and fuel misuse impossible.
  • Analyze genset fleet operations. Detailed information on gensets run time supports asset efficiency analysis and planning future investments into the fleet.

Reliable tool for engine run time and workload monitoring

DFM fuel flow meters – accurate fuel measurement device installed into engine fuel lines, thus directly measuring rate and duration of the fuel flow.

The flow meter records real hours, including breakdown by idling and loaded engine operation modes. The data from DFM can be integrated with genset’s controller, sent to an online platform or checked visually on the embedded display.

DFM flow meters are suitable for diesel engines from 1 L/h to 4,000 l/h, fuel consumption measurement inaccuracy is below 1%.

Useful cases on diesel generators

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