DFM Marine fuel flow meter installation on Komatsu PC1800 excavator

Komatsu PC1800-Hydraulic Excavator has two engines: front and rear. On each engine single a couple of DFM Marine fuel flow meters for heavy machinery is installed. Differential and for pressure mounting scheme of flowmeter installation in the fuel line of a career excavator. Both couples of DFM Marine CCAN operate in differential mode. Master-flowmeter receives data on instant fuel consumption from slave-flowmeter and calculates the value of the differential fuel consumption (the so-called built-in function “computer consumption”). Data, transmitted to telematics unit (GPS tracker):

  • Instant differential fuel consumption
  • Total differential fuel consumption
  • Fuel consumption in supply line (Master-fuel flow meter)
  • Fuel consumption in return line (Slave -fuel flow meter)
  • Operating time of each engine in  “Idling”, “Optimal”,  “Overload” mode

Гидравлический экскаватор Komatsu PC 1800

Hydraulic Excavator Komatsu PC 1800

Топливная система Komatsu PC1800

Fuel supply system of Komatsu PC 1800

Расходомеры DFM Marine установлены на задний двигатель экскаватора

DFM Marine are installed on rear engine of excavator

Установка расходомеров на передний двигатель Komatsu

Installing fuel flow meters on front engine of Komatsu

Расходомеры DFM Marine включены в топливную систему Komatsu PC1800

DFM Marine are installed in Komatsu fuel supply system Komatsu PC1800

Топливная система заднего двигателя Komatsu и установленные расходомеры

Rear engine fuel system rear of Komatsu and installed flow meters

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