Installation of a monitoring system on a vessel equipped with a Caterpillar 3406 engine

The main tasks of the customer were to control fuel consumption and build an effective monitoring system on a sea vessel.
A differential fuel flow meter DFM 100D CAN is installed in the direct fuel line of the engine. Data from it is converted by MasterCAN CAN2RS converter and transmitted via Modbus protocol to a tracker from another manufacturer. Data from the flow meter and tracker is received by MasterCAN Display 35, located on the bridge. This allows service technicians to monitor data from DFM 100D CAN flow meter in real-time. The vessel monitoring system helps to monitor the most important parameters of the engine operation and indications from additional sensors of the monitoring system. Data that can be displayed on MasterCAN Display 35:

  • engine operation time, engine RPM (to track the need for maintenance);
  • fuel consumption (instant, total);
  • hydraulic system parameters and DTCs;
  • total and travel fuel consumption (for fueling planning), etc.

Result: the accuracy of DFM 100D CAN flow meter, Modbus protocol compatibility and ease of configuration were confirmed. The company received an efficient vessel monitoring system.

The ship on which the marine monitoring system is installed

The vessel on which Technoton products were installed.

Display shows ship fuel consumption and engine data

MasterCAN Display 35 shows data received from DFM 100D CAN flowmeter and  MasterCAN CAN2RS converter.

MasterCAN Display for readings monitoring installed on the ship bridge

MasterCAN Display 35 is installed on the bridge, which allows to quickly monitor the readings.

Differential fuel flow meter for marine vessel telematics

Installed DFM100D CAN fuel flow meter.

Caterpillar 3406 engine monitoring

The fuel system of the vessel is equipped with a Caterpillar 3406 engine.

The fuel flow meter is installed directly in the engine fuel line

DFM100D CAN flow meter is installed in the fuel system of Caterpillar 3406 engine.

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