Installation of flow meters and fuel level sensor on Genmac generator

Diesel generator

The main tasks that had to be solved by the client:

  • Provide accurate data on fuel consumption and operating time. The data is needed for a real understanding of the flow rate with subsequent use in commercial measurements.
  • Provide information about the critical level of fuel in the tank to optimize the refueling process.

Diesel generator Monitoring System includes:

Diesel generator

Genmac Dynamic generator.

Fuel system generator

Fuel system of the generator.

DFM fuel flow meter in the fuel system

DFM fuel flow meter in the generator system.

Fuel level sensor DUT-E in the tank

The fuel level sensor DUT-E is installed in the fuel tank from which the generator receives fuel.

DFM fuel flow meters in the monitoring system

DFM flowmeters are combined with DUT-E sensors and Telematic gateway via cable system (S6 Technology).

Telematic Gateway CANUp 27

Telematic gateway CANUp 27.

Useful cases on diesel generators

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