Edge computing telematics gateway for vehicle tracking

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Edge computing telematics gateway

CANUp telematics gateway combines functionality of vehicle data interface, digital-to-analog converter and online GPS GLONASS tracking device. It employs edge computing algorithms for onboard telematics data processing and analysis. That means, CANUp telematics gateway analyzes raw data before sending it to online telematics platform. Data analysis is carried out using IoT Burger Technology and includes:

  • data reading from standard CAN bus of vehicle, ISOBUS of agricultural machinery
  • smart measurement of analog signals,
  • standardization of various types of signals,
  • detection of quick Events – e.g. oil pressure drop, voltage jump,
  • on-board Report generation – regular or Event-based.

Edge computing telematics gateway provides possibility of composing Reports of over 10800+ vehicle operation parameters. CANUp receives data from various additional monitoring devices  – fuel level sensors, fuel flow meters, FMS readers, axle load sensors, etc. The gateway is used as a terminal unit in vehicle tracking systems and stationary object monitoring systems – construction and agriculture vehicles, railroad machines, watercrafts, diesel generator stations.

Advantages of Edge computing telematics gateway

  • Automated scanning and parsing of CAN J1939 bus messages, ISOBUS messages
  • measurement of analog and digital signals with 0.1 second resolution
  • filtering and linearization of analog signals,
  • conversion of analog signals to J1939 format
  • flexible generation of Reports – selection from 10800+ operation parameters
  • Data reading from network of fuel sensors and other peripherals over S6 Technology and S7 wireless Technology
  • Bluetooth Low Energy using S7 Technology
  • gateway self-diagnostics feature
  • sending Reports and Events to telematics server over 2G/3G/LTE
  • ability to work without online severs – data sending directly to user via SMS and e-mail, Wi-Fi

CANUp functionality within vehicle tracking system

Monitoring over 3500 vehicle parameters with CANUP



Cellular communication standards


Physical signal inputs

analog, frequency, discrete

Maximal current consumption at supply voltage 12/24 V, mA, not more than


Power supply voltage range, V


Digital interface

CAN j1939/S6

Reports number that can be stored in buffer memory

40 000

Availability time after power-up, seconds, not more than


Ingress protection rating


Inbuilt battery ensures autonomous functioning without external power supply, h, not less than


Overall dimensions, mm, not more than


Temperature range, °С


Mobile communication technology


Weight, kg, not more than


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