Technoton case: automated fuel supply of genset, fuel costs reduced by 15%

The company, specialized in complex electronics, which designs and deploys power generation systems for remote objects, faced the necessity of ensuring uninterrupted fuel supply of genset.  As a result of diesel generator telematics implementation, unexpected emptying of fuel tank and sudden stop of generator’s engines were excluded, fuel costs were reduced by 15%.

Discover how the project was solved.

The Machinery

3-4 CAT C9 diesel generators with 6 cylinders engine, 8,8 liters in volume. All gensets are supplied with fuel from one 30,000-liter stationary storage.

The Task

The accuracy of diesel generator fuel consumption accounting was insufficient since it was based on consumption rates, which vary depending on the operating mode of generator.

Fuel supply from stationary fuel storage with the help of fuel pumps to diesel generators was not automated. In case the operator, who had to turn on a fuel pump, made a mistake, unexpected emptying of fuel tank would lead to genset stop and sudden interruption of power supply to the object.

Together with the Customer we decided to implement:

  • automate refilling of fuel tanks of generators, to provide  uninterrupted  fuel supply and genset operation
  • fuel consumption monitoring system of each generator, to get accurate data on fuel consumption

Fuel supply system

The Solution

Fuel volume in stationary storage is measured by DUT-E 2Bio fuel level sensor with RS-485 Modbus RTU interface. In fuel system of each genset DFM 500D differential fuel flow meters with RS-485 Modbus RTU interface are installed.

DUT-E 2Bio fuel level sensor and DFM fuel flow meter are integrated with SCADA. SCADA control system makes calculations on remaining fuel volume in each diesel generator’s tank, based on fuel consumption data and operation time of fuel pump. If remaining fuel volume is at its minimum – fuel pumps are automatically turned on. The operator can also monitor remaining fuel volume in each fuel tank on SCADA panel.

Fuel control in the SCADA software package

The Result

  1. Risk of genset’s engine stop due to empty fuel tank was eliminated thanks to ensuring uninterrupted fuel supply.
  2. Fuel costs reduced by 15%
  3. Tecnoton’s sensors support data transfer using Modbus RTU protocol, that allowed to embed them into SCADA control system. No additional software for data analysis was needed.
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