Why to start tracking engine operation time and workloads?

Engine run time and performance monitoring using DFM flow meter

Monitoring equipment operation time by engine hour meter provides only information about total operating time, which is not enough for an objective measurement of equipment operation modes, correct accounting of work performed and optimal maintenance schedule.

Vehicle telematics systems, that include DFM fuel flow meters can automate engine run time and performance monitoring, thus allowing fleet manager to:

  1. eliminate fuel misuse and reduce fuel costs,
  2. conduct remote diagnostics of fuel system and engine, and optimize maintenance schedule,
  3. string engine run time to volume of work performed for each vehicle in a fleet.

Combine monitoring

1. Eliminate fuel misuse and inefficient operation

DFM flow meter detects engine load by measuring instant flow rate in feed and return lines. That means even quick jumps in fuel flow rate will be recorded. Similarly, DFM flow meter measures real fuel consumption and operation time of equipment in idling mode.

This information allows fleet manager to get rid of unreasonable downtime of equipment and incorrect operation, thereby reducing total fleet expenses and fuel cost, in particular.

2. Conduct remote engine and fuel system diagnostics

DFM allows you to detect abnormal operation of engine or fuel system, such as flow rate drops in feed/return fuel lines or increase of total fuel consumption. Such deviations indicate the need for maintenance or repair of the fuel system/engine.

Thus, the DFM flow meter helps fleet technicians to detect a malfunction and prevent a breakdown, which may result in additional maintenance expenses.

3. Account real working hours

Since DFM flow meter records the engine operation time in different modes, this makes it possible to correctly account working time of machinery operators and drivers. The approach helps with fair linking of employees’ salaries with amount of work performed.

Engine run time and workload Counters in DFM

DFM fuel flowmeters

  • Instant flow rate in “Feed” line
  • Instant flow rate in “Return” line
  • Total fuel used in “Idling” engine mode
  • Total fuel used in “Optimal” engine mode
  • Total fuel used “Overload” engine mode
  • Total operating time
  • Operating time in “Idling” operation mode
  • Operating time in “Optimal” operation mode
  • Operating time in “Overload” operation mode
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