Special construction equipment fleet comprehensive monitoring


mobile mechanized building company*


complex monitoring of special construction equipment fleet


dump trucks with carrying capacity of 10-40 tons, rollers, bulldozers, road graders, excavators, loaders, etc.


DUT-E fuel level sensor + CKPT 25 terminal unit


· fleet dispatching
· introduction of new motivation system for drivers
· correction of fuel consumption rates
· fuel economy up to 40 %


Customer’s company* is one of the most famous and successful construction company in Belarus. There are objects of wide purposes and various degree of complexity in company’s portfolio: from breeding complexes and production halls to apartment buildings and social purpose facilities. Company realized a number of significant and complex projects due to the winning of country-wide tenders. Annual company business volume growth is about 40-50%, and turnover is more than $10 million.


All works are done by own means, without subcontractor, which allow to monitor all building stage. There are more than 300 units in company’s fleet of construction equipment and special vehicles: dump trucks with carrying capacity of 10-40 tons, rollers, bulldozers, road graders, excavators, loaders, etc.

Construction equipment park

Aleksei, customer’s representative*

“Equipment constantly works on more than 30 objects, in different parts of the country. Fulfilling obligations in time, without extra costs are the key factors of selection in current tenders and guarantee of the realization of large-scale projects in the future.”


Resulting from company’s dynamic development, several questions on equipping fleet with modern telematics system and operation optimization of dispatch service became relevant:

  • real time location monitoring
  • operational maintenance of machinery
  • fuel consumption monitoring and theft prevention
  • monitoring of operation time and modes
  • introduction of a modern motivation system
  • optimization of fuel accounting and write-offs


DUT-Е fuel level sensor is used as a part of both fuel consumption and transport monitoring systems or instead of standard fuel sensor.

Technoton fuel control system is an effective set of fleet management instruments – operational transport monitoring (using GPS/GLONASS), fuel consumption, axle load, operation time monitoring and dozens of other parameters of operation of vehicles.

Telematics system introduction was made step by step. For 2 months Technoton-Gomel company installed more than 200 units of equipment. Introduction of DUT-E fuel level sensors with on-board terminal unit CKPT-25 became an optimal solution for such a wide range of tasks. Company also uses CKPT-31 offline terminal unit as an additional element of machinery condition monitoring.

Installation of DUT-E level sensor and vehicle monitoring terminal


As a result of equipping fleet with telematics system, top management of company optimized business processes, reduced downtime of machinery and prevented misuse of vehicles and equipment.

Dispatch service of fleet with more than 300 units of equipment is carried out by only 2 operators. What is more, one of them is also mechanic of operational servicing.

Company’s economic growth is one of the most dynamic in the region. Due to efficient work the company expands and invests in new activities, such as agro-industry and ecotourism. The company plans to expand the fleet of agricultural machinery with the introduction of telematics and fuel monitoring systems produced by Technoton.

“Now employees are personally interested in fuel consumption reduction. We have an advanced system of labor remuneration. One of the key factors for salary bonuses is fuel consumption reduction and rational use of machinery.
Average fuel consumption economy for dump trucks is 15% and for machinery with additional components is 30-40%.

Aleksei, customer’s representative*

* Data is hidden from public access to comply with GDPR requirements. Details on the project can be disclosed upon signing NDA and with the consent of our partner.

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