Guidebook for professionals: connecting DFM CAN and DUT-E CAN to Teltonika and Galileosky trackers


Professional installation of fuel level sensors and fuel flow meters


Professional technicians who are installing onboard telematics equipment are able to mount multiple types of sensors, meters and telematics units/GPS trackers, and connect them using various interfaces: RS-232, RS-485, CAN. Among these interface one stand out of the row – CAN SAE J1939. The interface is a standard of automotive industry and it is used in electronic units of trucks, buses, construction and agricultural machinery.

Technoton designs and manufactures DUT-E CAN and DUT-E 2Bio fuel level sensors, also and DFM CAN and DFM D CAN fuel flow meters – they are communicating through CAN j1939/S6 protocol (CAN-based) and send fuel consumption and engine operation time counters, fuel volume, level and temperature parameters and other useful data to telematics units/ GPS tracking devices.

To help telematics system installation specialists and in order to simplify the task of configuring Technoton products when connecting them to Teltonika and Galileosky devices, we created a short guidebook – download here.

The guidebook is useful for experienced technicians, who are often working with CAN-products. If you feel the information in guidebook is not sufficient – please, download full Configuration manual from our Document Center.


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