What does Compatibility Declaration declare?

Integration of peripherals for vehicle telematics – flow and fuel level sensors, CAN readers, analog-to-digital converters, etc. products – is not an easy technical task. Even if the manufacturer of GPS/GSM tracking devices states availability of voltage and frequency inputs or digital ports that does not guarantees proper operation of peripheral telematics sensor.

Making sure the devices “speak the same language”

There remain issues of protocol compatibility for digital interfaces, for analog inputs – range and resolution. Sometimes, frequency input cannot correctly count the number of pulses from a flowmeter due to an incorrect comparation level and/or the frequency response of the input. Even more often there is a situation when a digital port receives messages containing fuel level values, but does not “recognize” fuel temperature values, self-diagnostics codes, sensor’s address. Important points of compatibility tests are correct operation within the whole signal range and temperature stability.

Compatibility tests procedures and the result

Technoton has been testing compatibility of telematics units with our fuel sensors for many years. Tests are carried out following specially developed methodology, using special testing stands imitating real-life operation within the entire range of possible signal and temperature values. The result of the tests is a conclusion on compatibility and manual on configuring tracking device for the type of sensor tested. In more than a half of cases, while compatibility tests are running, vehicle tracker manufacturers adjust firmware of their devices, and sometimes even hardware part of their trackers.

The tests are carried out both in Technoton technical department’s lab and at vehicle tracker manufacturers’ facilities. This is a labor-intensive work requiring knowledge in telematics, installation and configuration of trackers and sensors.

During the tests, data is usually displayed in Wialon online platform, although there are exceptions.


Example of Compatibility Declaration. Such documents are made after all successful compatibility tests
and original Declaration are signed by officials of both companies.


Integrator’s confidence, easy and quick installation by following the Manuals

Declaration of compatibility assures the integrator that the tracker and sensor are guaranteed to provide accurate and full-function readings across the entire signal and temperature range. This means that the integrator quickly and without any problems can connect and configure Technoton’s fuel flow meters and fuel level sensors to a selected GPS tracking device.

Within previous 2 years Technoton has accomplished 23 compatibility tests with the global leading manufacturers of telematics units: Teltonika, Geotab, Orbcomm, Galileosky, Aplicom, Falcom; as result – 22 Compatibility Declarations. Each Declaration is accompanied by detailed Manual for configuring telematics unit.


Declarations and Instruction can be downloaded for Technoton Document Center.


Technoton sensors – guaranteed quality of products and guaranteed compatibility with vehicle tracking devices.

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