Design advantages of DFM Marine fuel flow meter for heavy machinery

Design advantages of DFM Marine

Heavy machinery, such as sea and river vessels, diesel trains, quarry and mining machinery, powerful diesel generator sets, boilers and burners, – have engines with high fuel consumption and operate in severe operating conditions.

DFM Marine fuel flow meter is a hardware for fuel consumption and fuel consumer’s operating time monitoring on heavy vehicles. DFM Marine design was developed taking into account the peculiarities of heavy machinery and its operating conditions.

9 design features of DFM Marine flowmeters

1. Models with fuel consumption ranges up to 1000, 2000 and 4000 l/h for use on heavy machines with different fuel consumption.Flow meter’s body made of brass

2. Being hardware designed for direct measurement, DFM Marine is installed directly in fuel line of engine and provides accurate measurement when engine operates in mixed mode, in conditions of rough terrain and strong shaking.

3. Built-in battery allows registering data without external power supply and to store Fuel consumption, Engine operating time and Interference Counters.  After the power supply is back all data is sent to telematics unit.

Swivel flange4. Measuring chamber and flow meter’s body made of brass – highly durable alloy, resistant to significant changes in temperature and humidity, mechanical effects. There is also a model of flowmeter with a duralumin body.

5. Fuel line connection types – thread or flange – specified in purchase order. Swivel flange provides easy and convenient mounting into fuel systems of water and railway transport, as well as in stationary fuel supply systems.

6. Ventilation valve is installed at the end-face of flow meter’s body and protects against the formation of internal condensate during operation in high humidity conditions.

7. New coating technology provides enhanced protection of meter’s body against corrosion and mechanical damage.

8. Autonomous DFM Marine flow meters with a display allow autonomous monitoring of fuel consumption without data transmission to monitoring server. This solution is mostly used for stationary units or for small fleets operating within an enclosed area.

9. Special version for liquids up to +150°СSpecial version that can operate with liquids up to +150°С. Designed for fuel systems where heating oil or other hot liquids are used.

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