DUT-E SUM Summator


DUT-E SUM summator enables to obtain data of the total fuel volume from several tanks of a vehicle or from fixed tanks when used in vehicle tracking system / fuel monitoring system (FMS).
Precise amount of fuel in each tank is measured with DUT-E 232 or DUT-E AF fuel level sensors.

Particular features

  • Tracker gets ready data of the fuel volume in several tanks (in liters);
  • Summator needs no adjustment, the mounting is simple;
  • Cascade connection to measure the fuel volume in three or more tanks is possible;
  • Used with DUT-E 232 and DUT-E AF precise and reliable fuel level sensors.
Fuel volume measurement of two tanks

To solve the issue of fuel consumption control in a vehicle with two fuel tanks, you need to install two DUT-E 232 or two DUT-E AF fuel level sensors and one summator. The vehicles tracker  receives data of the total amount of fuel (in liters).

Fuel volume measurement of three tanks

If the number of fuel tanks is three or more, cascade scheme of connection is employed:

  • data from fuel level sensors installed in the first and second fuel tanks is input to the first summator,
  • the second summator receives data from both the first summator and the third tank fuel level sensor and so on.

The vehicles tracker receives data of the total volume of fuel (in liters) in all tanks. To take account of the total volume of fuel in several tanks, the number of summators must be one less than the number of fuel tanks.

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