Technoton at Neftegaz 2021 exhibition

Neftegaz is Russia’s largest trade show for oil and gas industry. It ranks in the top ten of the world’s petroleum shows. Neftegaz is held annually jointly with National Oil & Gas Forum and is the best oil and gas exhibition according to a survey of industry professionals.

Event provides an opportunity for companies to demonstrate oil and gas and oil refining equipment and technologies, discuss trends and innovative solutions.

Technoton took part in the 20th-anniversary international exhibition “Equipment and technologies for oil and gas complex”, which was held on April 26-29, 2021.

At Neftegaz 2021 Technoton has presented:

Popular Technoton solutions at Neftegaz exhibition

Tanker truck monitoring system

Truck tanker monitoring system provides precise fuel/petrochemical liquid level and volume measurement in each compartment of cistern, also measurement of truck operating parameters, geolocation and route tracking using GPS/GLONASS.

Since the greatest value of tanker is the liquid cargo transported in cistern – the main goal of truck tanker monitoring system is to register and display status of liquid: volume and temperature, if there were any manipulations with compartments of cistern (fuel/petrochemical liquid theft, mixing with low-quality liquid).

Technoton’s telematics solution provides monitoring of more than 250 operating parameters of fuel/petrochemical liquid transportation and performance of truck.

Solution for monitoring and control of Genset (diesel power generator)

Diesel generator sets and diesel power stations are used both as a source of power supply for residential and commercial facilities and for industrial facilities – industries, gas stations, drilling rigs.

Remote monitoring of diesel generator includes fuel consumption monitoring and control of engine operation parameters. Such kind of monitoring helps to plan timely refueling and maintenance, also it is good way to determine and prevent fuel thefts and generator breakdown and to provide uninterrupted feed.

We were pleased to see you at Technoton booth! See you at Neftegaz 2021!

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